We Create 8M Jobs/Support 9M Persons- Sadiya on Arise TV (Video)

Speaking on the humanitarian crisis unleashed as a result of years of unimaginable terrorism, banditry and jihadist brutality across northern Nigeria, the minister in charge, Sadiya Umar Farouq spoke intensively on the progress made so far by the Federal Government of donors

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Sadiya Umar disclosed the federal government’s poverty targets of lifting a hundred million people out of destitution by 2030.

The minister said, no government has methodically addressed poverty like this present government in spite of the numerous challenges


National Social Investment Programme (NSIP) which include, the Npower program, the Home-Grown School Feeding, Conditional Cash Transfer, GEEP Loan is one of the Largest Social Investment in Sub-Sahara Africa

Her Ministry has lifted over 8M persons out of poverty, talking about the Npower, GEEP Loan, Conditional Cash Programme, Trader Moni, Farmer Moni, Market Moni, and so on


Over 9M persons have been supported in the entire Home-Grown School Feeding value chain

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The program alighted were handouts payment from Npower, Conditional Transfer, etc are been taken advantage off, as it creates a dependency tendency on beneficiaries rather than seed capital for small businesses  


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