On 1st October 2017, when the nation was celebrating her 57th independence, TSTV, a new pay cable Tv service was launched in Nigeria and has been generating a lot of buzz on the social media.

It is worthy to mention that, Nigerians have been asking so many controversial questions about the operations and degree of perfection of the new cable service.

Importantly a lot of Nigerians don’t really understand the nature of services that TSTV promised and hence, wrong information has been spread across.

The TV station suffers a lot of setback, due to technical and logic issues. Many see it as dead on arrival, competitors also contributed to its initial failure, but the its now stand firm to deliver its set objectives to the Nigeria Public

8 Important knowledge you need to know before you purchase the TSTV cable decoder;

1.  TSTV Decoder Channels List:

TSTV News list

1. BBC America

2. CNN

3. Aljazeera


4. BBC Radio 2

5. TVC News

6. United States of America Embassy

7. Sky News

8. Arewa24

9. AIT

10. Core TV News

11. France 24

12. CCTV News

13. Channels TV

14. Bloomberg Television

15. DW

16. Fox News

17. TRT World

18. Press TV

19. NTA

20. Arise News

21. TV360 Nigeria

TSTV Sports Channel List

1. Star Sports

2. Fox Sports

3. Euro Sports News

4. Euro Sports 2

5. Kwese Free Sports

6. Kwese ESPN

7. MS Extreme

8. bein Sports MAX 4HD

9. bein Sports 3HD

10. bein Sports Global

11. bein Sports MAX (bein Sports 1-10)

12. TS Sports 4 HD

13. TS Sports 2

14. TS Sports 3

15. Yolo Sports HD

TSTV Music Channel List

1. Trace Urban/Africa


3. MTV Base

4. TLC (HD)

5. DSTV Versus TSTV

TSTV Movies Channel List

1. Star Movies

2. MBC Action

3. MBC 2

4. Star Movies

5. African Magic

6. Liberty TV

7. MBC Bollywood

8. Wazobia TV


10. Viasat Life

11. Fine Living

12. FOX

13. FOX Life

14. Investigation Discovery

15. MBC 4

16. Mbox HD

17. PCTV

18. Star Gold HD

19. Nollywood TV

20. Z Cinema

21. E Entertainment

22. BEN Bridging The Gap

23. BET

24. TS Novella

25. TS Movies HD

26. TS Series

Kiddies Channels

1. Nickelodeon

2. CN Cartoon Network

3. Disney Channel

4. Boing

5. Jimjam

6. Baby TV

7. Panda Biggs

Religion Channels

1. Dove Television

2. Emmanuel TV

3. Sunna Tv

4. Mountain of Fire and Miracle Ministries


6. TBN Network

African Channels

1. Riwa Ndu TV

2. TS Hausa

3. TS Igbo

4. TS Yoruba

Other Channels

1. Discovery Channel

2. Nat Geo Gold

3. AD

4. National Geography Channel

5. Discovery Health TV

6. Fashion One2

2.  N5000 is needed to buy the full kits TSTV cable which consist a decoder, a dish and a remote control but excludes any installation service charge.

2. TSTV pay as you go pause service i.e. the ability to pause your subscription when not in use would be available to those that would go for the maximum subscription which is the monthly N3,000 package and you would only be able to pause subscription not more than 7 days, thereby allowing you 37 days at most for your monthly subscription. So don’t expect to use your 1 month subscription from January to December in the name of pausing or expect to user 1 day N200 subscription for 1 month.


3.  Initially when you buy the decoder, you would be able to enjoy up to 20GB of data as bonus, for subsequent full monthly subscription comes with 10GB of data and not 20GB as some of you might be thinking.

4.  TSTV has incorporated its subscription service payments into Quick teller the popular E-payment service in the country and just like DSTV, you would also be able to easily pay for your TSTV subscriptions through Quick teller.

5.  You would be able to buy extra 1GB data or above from TSTV at the cost of N300 for 1GB

6.  TSTV data allocation has nothing to do with watching of TVST channels but just a separate and additional offer to the entire TSTV concept or better still what you commonly regard as Value Added Service (VAS)Finally, TSTV having launched, its decoder would be available from next week.

7.  TSTV can be purchased in all states nationwide when it is fully operational.

8. TSTV Subscription Fee ranges from N200, N500, N1000, N1500 to N3000. Note that with TSTV, you don’t need to pay subscription monthly or periodically. You pay as you consume.


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