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Tony Elumelu  $5000 Grant: 10 Best Ways To Prepare For The Competition: Tony Elumelu Entrepreneurship Program is an initiative that empowers aspiring Nigerian entrepreneurs who have an innovative, scalable and profitable business idea.



Tony Elumelu Foundation (TEF) has a YouTube channel where they publish content related to their entrepreneurship program.

I will advise you have a look at their channel if you have been invited to pitch your business idea.

10 Best Ways To Prepare For The Competition

Ensure to have at least one member of your team on ground


If you can do a brand (Tshirt of Cap) ensure to wear it during your pitch or video

Have a proper pitch deck show casing your product

Do a summary video of your product not more than 3mins in video

Do a business plan for your product and have it ready (They might not need it)

Know your financial analysis well and ensure your business is able to make profit

Be fluent in speaking

Know your product well

Go to YouTube and learn how to pitch your product or services, if you fall under disruptors, make sure to showcase a sample of your product while pitching. Your pitching must be highly professional.

The last part is your business plan, they will keep rejecting it until you do a good job.

Once your business plan is approved, that is when you have finally arrived and can start planning on what to do with the grant

Tony Elumelu Foundation is Massively Sending Invitation in this format


“You have successfully completed the application assessment.

Based on your responses, you are in the disruptors category of the TEF 2021 Program.

This means that you are eligible to go on to the training segment for disruptorss.

Our team would contact you any time after the 31st of March 2021 with details about the training and next steps.

Please be advised that this training does not mean you will receive seed capital as there will be further criteria to qualify for this.

Good Luck as you progress to the next stage.

Welcome on board the TEF Entrepreneurship Program”

The Tony Elumelu Foundation

Dear applicant,

“Congratulations on successfully completing your application to the 2021 Tony Elumelu Foundation Entrepreneurship Programme and progressing to the training stage.

As you know, you have been placed in a specified category to receive contextualised, tailor-made training for your business. This training will take place on

Please see the outlined timelines for the TEF Entrepreneurship Programme activities in the coming months:


· Training & Coaching: May 3rd – July 29th

· Pitching Competition: Aug 23rd – Sep 24th

· Shortlisting & Selection: Sep 27th – Oct 8th

· Selection Announcement: Oct 11th

Congratulations once again”


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