Engulfed with protests, many streets around the world are now occupied by protesters. The world is getting angrier. People are no longer satisfied, with the few ruling elites. Richer nations seem depressed. The cost of living is high.

Many are forced to take on two or three jobs, to meet-up with accumulating bills. The rate of Hunger and Poverty grew worst by the day. And sources are becoming small by the day.

Observations around the world show dissatisfaction among the people. The ruling elite are not too polite in policies they make. Perhaps, they are not in touch with realities.

Protest in Hong Kong-China

In Hong Kong China, ones regarded as “Heaven on Earth”, a very developed region. Fill with skyscrapers, with good transport system, tourist destination. The citizens are still crying of bad governance.

The Special administrative regions government, still lag behind in addressing and meeting the needs of the Hong Kong people, the heavy protests ongoing have caused chaos, many investment lost. Properties worth millions of USD lost.

The people of Hong Kong, want new experience in leadership, good and accountable governance. Change in Housing policy and eliminating corruption.

The Yellow Vest Protest Movement in France

Emmanuel Macron’s government came under huge criticism, for making and implementing policies, not suitable for the poor French. The yellow vest movement, in their good numbers, expresses their displeasure.

France, one of the few success stories of the West, is grappling with uneasy economic woes, affecting many the poor and middle class. Protest like this may not tell well of Macron’s government.


Protest in Cuba

The street of Havana has witnessed shock, citizens all over the nation, have come together, to express their disappointment and grievances. A popular tourist destination in South America had suffered from excess cut and taxes.
Cubans demand for immediate reduction, of taxes from basic food items, change in government policies.

Protest in Iraq

A war-ton Iraq came into the lame light, Iraqis turn-up in their thousand, demanding the immediate resignation of their president. After the fall of Saddam Husain, the state of Iraq is still nothing to write home about.

The street of Bagdad is now a protest ground. Many troop to the street to demand better life from her government. The nation had not fare well; vast majority of Iraqis is still in object poverty.

Poor infrastructure and hyperinflation is crumbling Iraq to the ground. The citizens are no longer happy. Iraqis are calling for structural adjustment to address their needs.


Political Turmoil in Venezuela

Rich in petroleum and solid mineral resources, the nation is still in economic woes. The leaders seem to be ignorant of the plight of an average Venezuelans. The citizens demand change in government. The current political dispensation has overstayed her welcome

The election in the country, saw two presidents claiming victory at the polls. Thousands of Venezuelans took to the street, demanding the resignation of the ruling party. Perhaps the government had not been proactive in economic realities.

The international community, the U S, Russia and others have vast interest in the Venezuela. Making it difficult for structural changes

Unrest in Lebanon

The situation is not different from Lebanon; the citizens are protesting and demanding the immediate resignation of the Prime Minster. The middle eaten state had seen violence, amidst economic woes lately.

The street of Beirut is struggling with protester. Many troop out to register their displeasure. The government has not solved the lingering sufferings of the populace. Corruption and poor infrastructure, have ruined Lebanon till date.

Bordered with Israel-a world industrial and economic super power, Lebanon failed to copy the Israeli success story.

Chaos in Lima, Peru

Heavy gunfire was heard between armed security men, and protesters in Lima, the capital of Peru. The populace is agitating for better economic condition, improve social service and infrastructure.

No fewer than 30 protesters, security men killed as protests intensified. The government is under pressure to carry reform in major sector of the economy.

Protesters are also demanding immediate, resignation of some members of the executive branch. Citing huge corruption among the president camp

Libya, Afghanistan, Pakistan, Palestine, Syria, Somalia, Sudan

Failed states, beaten by wars, crumbled by political instability, disrupted by Terrorism. Libya, Afghanistan, Pakistan, Palestine, Syria, Somalia and others are shadow of themselves.

Limited infrastructure and strict poverty, coupled with hyperinflation had bedeviled these nations for long. Most of these countries are blacklisted, as a sponsor of terror. Foreign Direct Investments hardly find their way there.

Protests upon protests are ongoing, the horrible humanitarian situations call for help. Development cannot thrive where terror related activities reign, basic infrastructures are missing, and citizens are at the mercy of jihadists controlled regions.

These are few examples of many nations where protests are ongoing; almost all part of the earth is experience protests from her citizens. Hard life is bringing the people out to speak in one voice.

Why are People Angry and why the Protest?

From all the above protests, the major causes of Protests and Anger are:
Poverty: More than 50% of the world populations, are poor according survey; this is more pronounced in Africa, South America, Asia, and some Parts of North America. Many are living below one dollar per day. Poverty encourages massive immigration. Many now see Europe and USA as a new Heaven. People are expressing their anger and pressuring their governments to do the needful.
Poor Infrastructure: In poor and developing nations, the lack or near- absence of basic infrastructure, is making life unbearable. Ill-equipped hospitals and schools, Poor roads network, massive deficiencies in Basic Social Services. Life could be fun, when there are Good and sufficient infrastructure, to carry everyone along. But the situation is far different, in some countries of the world.
High Cost of Living: Cost has gone high, people have to work extra more to earn a living. The rate of suffering is unprecedented. People now give birth to few kids. Some young men are scared of taking a wife for them-selves. Not all take three-square meal per day in some countries. This is more than enough to cause an uprising.
Hyper-Inflation: High rate of Unemployment and Inflation have devastating effect on many nations. The case of Venezuela, Iraq, Peru, Nigeria, Pakistan, Somalia, Zimbabwe, to mention but a few, have suffered from hyper-inflation. Governments rely so much on one source of income for survival. And when the source slacks or slips in returns, the economy gets affected. Unemployment in many Africans and Asians countries is causing massive Exodus of people to Europe and North America.
Unprecedented Crime (Terrorism, War) Rate: The rate of crime had made citizens to question government of her role. War ton nations, failed states and nations bedeviled by terrorism clamor for change. When peace eludes a nation, the weak become the victims. Citizens are pressuring the government to maintain peace, stability and unity.

Other Reasons why the world is in Fury are:

High Cut: when the take-home-pay, that is not enough, to take one home, is being cut (reduced), the poor and average suffer more. Consistence cut may lead to strike action, people get angry. Huge protests emerge to caution the authorities.
Increased Taxation: Governments in many countries, impose tax and hidden charges in basic food items. People get to pay through their nose. Some countries operate double tax system. When poor and average citizens are forced to pay tax at the expense of their income, aggression will become the order of the day.
Poor Service Delivery: Effective and efficient service delivery is essential, failure may to deliver may lead to devastating consequences. Especially in the Health, Power and Education sectors of the economy.
Corruption in Governance: This is the reason behind the uprising in Egypt, Morocco, Tunisia, Libya, Syria etc. when the people perceive a corrupt government in power, protest will be used to uproot her.