Sudden Job Loss: Six (6) Ways To Manage Unemployment

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Sudden Job Loss: Six (6) Ways To Manage Unemployment: The recent increase in the level of unemployment and job losses has doubled in the first quarter of 2021, and many factors have been blamed for the sudden increase

The covid-19 pandemic has left Small and Medium Scale Businesses closed, forcing many out of jobs. Many Economies are in a recession, struggling and gasping for breath, forcing both new and old Businesses, Companies to a slowdown in operations and profit-making

While thousands of emerging economies and businesses are laying off staff, the rate of Unemployment surges, giving rise to galloping inflation


The problem of unemployment is not limited to job losses alone, there are many skilled, semi-skilled and unskilled that are still left in the dark

In this article, we will tell you ways you can manage sudden job losses, thereby boasting your self-esteem and confidence

A Critical self-evaluation and Analyses

A critical self-evaluation and analyses will help a person who lost his/her job to reposition the mind on what went wrong and what could be done to avoid re-occurrence in the future, only then shall one improve the necessary aspart that need performance  


Re-Check Your Mental Health:

Sudden job losses is a pain that don’t just go away any time soon, it leads post-traumatic stress and other related mental health that affect our collective wellness

Seeing a therapist may go a long way in reducing a catastrophic situation and improving the total mental health of a sudden job loss

Assessing Your Finances

This is the time to cut unnecessary spending till a new job is found. Cutting your coat according to your cloths is the best option for a someone who loses his/her job suddenly

Do Menial Job

You can also look for other income sources like getting a menial job to do while you land your next big job or starting a small business.

Right Connection

Getting the right connection may be the only breakthrough to a new job.The best time to network and build your connections with people is now.

Your network is your net worth, and if you want to land a new job soon, you have to make the right connections.

Hunting for New Job

“Reevaluate your career choice, update your resume and cover letter, improve your skills, learn new skills, write necessary professional exams and get back into the job market. Looking for a new job should be your top priority when you lose your job”

Credit: Nairametrics


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