State Intervention: Disengaged Volunteers from Bauchi, Kano, Kogi Zamfara and other States to be Given Permanent Appointment, More states to follow

State Intervention: Exited Volunteers to be Retained – See states: Meeting held by the the Nigerian Governor’s Forum last year is yielding results as most states governor are now retaining exited volunteers into states owed institutions

From the Desk officers from Zamfara,Kano, Kogi and Bauchi States are expected to submit a comprehensive list of all the Beneficiaries from their states who had earlier exited the program before now.

the List will be used to gather data of volunteers who are exited from the Npower programme, and be placed into viable opportunities in their respective states

Volunteers are directed to forward the below information to Npower officials with immediate effect in the following states Zamfara,Kano, Kogi and Bauchi :

  1. NPVN Name
  2. Working email address
  3. NPVN phone number
  4. LGA of PPA
  5. Npower program

Name, Emai| address, Phone Number, PPAs, and reason for their early exit.

“You are further requested to submit the list of those Beneficiaries who are interested in the opportunities the FMHDS Ministry is exploring with some MDA,s such as the CBN”

Desk Officers are expected to submit the list on or before Friday 19th August 2020.


Announced: State Secretary Npower Zamfara, Kano, Kogi and Bauchi


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