See the tiny space Senator Buruji Kashamu will be buried. Buruji Kashamu’s Grave – Burial Ground Is Ready

That small space is not wide enough to bury some properties and money with him.

I can’t say it more better than this. All these grabbing of people’s properties, looting of the nation’s treasury, houses and cars and wealth accumulation, it all ends in 6 ft.

Where will your soul spend eternity? Heaven or hell? Amend your ways today, receive Jesus Christ into your life, confess your sins to Him and serve Him all the days of your life, that’s the only way to be sure of peace and salvation in heaven on the last day.

He who has ear, key him hear.

Death is for all.
Naked He Came…Naked He Goes..
Repentance is Past for Him..
Nothing can be taken along..
Not $1, Masion or Company!

And its Appointed unto Man to Die once! After that, the Judgement!

Let the Living Understand ..
Let’s Give thought to what Matters now and in Eternity..
What Matters to Many People today, Does not Matter to God..


What Really Matters is our Soul!
What Really Matters is our Salvation!
What Really Matters is Eternity

Somebody will go Next! It could be Me! It Could be you!

Ensure your Soul is with The KING of kings..
That is the Koko of Life..
Think about it


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