Pre-exposure prophylaxis is a drug in pill form against hiv from infecting the body even after been exposed.

Its involves two more combinations of hiv drug to give your immune system the protective power to stop hiv infection.

In this article, we shall discuss the aim of PrEP, Drugs that made up PrEp, the period it should be taken, timing, people that can access PrEP, side effect, and lots more.

 The aim of PrEP

Medical technology with scientific evidence proved that PrEp has the potential of stopping hiv from infecting the body by 90%.

Researches were conducted on mammals, monkeys. PrEp was giving to monkey in a close observation, after some time, exposed to the virus, but the virus could not penetrate the body of the host.

These studies and researches are in journals published by Centre for Disease Control and Prevent (CDC).

The main purpose of this drug is to stop hiv from replicating itself in the body. If taken correctly, the virus cannot enter the body to cause infection.


Drugs that made up Prep

Prep is different from for PEP, they are two different drugs entirely, while PrEp is before exposure, PEP is after exposure to the virus.

PEP cannot replace Prep according to research; the regiments are different and cannot serve same purpose.

Prep is a combination of two HIV drugs, namely TENOFOVIR and EMTRICITABINE also known as TRUVADA. Truvada should be pronounced as tru-va-duh.


This drugs or combination comes in different forms; they are produced by different companies and countries. But serve same purpose.

The period it should be taken

Since time is of the essence, PrEp a daily course, daily usage without missing a dose can protect your body from infection by 90% ,  not only must it be taken daily but timely and accurately, it is less effective and may likely fail when doses are missed. Also read

For this medical technology to work for you: it must be taken daily, at the right dose and time.  If it is not taken consistently, it won’t work.

People that can access Prep

In a society where risky behaviors are rampant, there is need to protect both the opposite sex and LGBTQ community from this scourge.   

Centre for Disease Control and Prevent (CDC) made clear that

  • PrEp should be taken by those who are Hiv Negative in sexual relationship with hiv positive partners or those whose status are unknown.
  • CDC also recommends that, Prep should be taken by the LGBTS community; Lesbians, Gay, Bisexual, Transgender and Intersexual, Heterosexual men and women.
  • It can be taken by a partner, who is hiv-positive and is considering getting pregnant, the hiv negative partner can use Prep after a discussion with a doctor.
  • Prep is highly effective protective in preventing a pregnant woman and her baby from hiv from a hiv positive partner when taken consistently.
  • Those who use syringe and hard drugs can protect themselves with PrEP.

The side effect

This drug has a problem of its own, the side effects are not easy to tolerate, but subside over a short period of time, as your body becomes use to it. 

These side effects include, nausea, vomiting, feeling sick, and kidney related problems. What we do know is that, they are not life threatening.

Please note:

It is good to know that, not everyone can take prep, 99% effective in stopping hiv is not 100% still safe.

Remember, there are many more diseases that can enter the body even while on PrEP, it is recommended to use CONDOM. This in combination with Prep can give you the best protection against STI.

You must talk to your doctor before commencing Prep, only a doctor can prescribe be to for you.