Poverty In The Society: Ten (10) Ways Poverty Affects the Society

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Poverty In The Society: Ten (10) Ways Poverty Affects the Society: Poverty is a disease of its own; it causes even those with a sane mind to go crazy.

Poverty itself has its own stench which it leaves on a person. It makes people feel unwanted and unloved.

In Africa, specifically Nigeria, there is high rate of poverty, which makes people turn to vile means in other to provide for their families.

Poverty has a dreadful effect on the minds of people and they will do anything in other to change their odds. Even if this means resulting to criminal ways to do so

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Increase in Crime Rate


When a person is facing a financial problem and he or she cannot find the money to solve the problem because of poverty, the next thing is to start looking for a way to get the money at all costs.

Finding a way to get the money can lead the person to think about some criminal way of getting the money quickly.

For a poor person, crime can sometimes be the only way to source money at a particular time.

If the person solicits for help and no one is able to provide such help then the person turns to stealing, robbery and other criminal acts to solve that problem.


It leads to youth Restiveness

When there is poverty in the society, the youths become hostile and they can do anything in other to get their needs met.

Youth restiveness is very common in societies with high rate of poverty. Since youths do not have anything to keep them busy, they begin to walk around causing trouble.

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 Internet and Cyber fraud

Poverty makes people to young people and even the mature ones to involve themselves in internet fraud.

Internet fraud popularly known as “Yahoo yahoo” in Nigeria is a trend that most young people turn to because they do not have money.

Internet fraud has become so popular among youths that they feel it is normal.

In order to practice internet fraud people go through a great deal to join the trend.

Internet fraud is a very disgusting practice that should be frowned upon as it can bring down businesses and destroy lives.

Prostitution and Cultism

Cultism and prostitution are the order of the day in our society, a move that have killed so many young minds, where poverty lies, immoral attitudes reside

Poverty leads to prostitution as young girls find ways to make money to break their dilemma.

Women may sometimes sell their bodies in order to make money. Most of the women involved in prostitution do not really enjoy it but they have no other option.

Prostitution is an act that should be frowned upon no matter the situation. We should not let prostitution creep into our society because of poverty.

The Society Becomes a Den for kidnapping for Money Ritual

Money ritual is a trend that is very popular in the eastern part of Nigeria.

The rate of poverty in the country is so high that so called juju doctors demand for heads and body parts to carry out heinous acts all in the name of conducting money rituals.

The clients of such juju doctors do whatever these evil men demand for in order to get rich. Poverty is a problem that must be eradicated for the society to be peaceful and grow.

It is not a problem that should be left for the government alone but everyone should join hands and fight it.

For the country to grow some essential steps must be taken to alleviate poverty and stop crime.

If poverty is properly tackled, the rate of crime in the society would be greatly reduced and can even be eradicated.        


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