Pot Belly: 10 Easy Ways to Avoid Pot Belly-Effective Strategies to Wellness


Pot Belly: 10 Easy Ways to Avoid Pot Belly-Effective Strategies to Wellness

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Pot Belly: 10 Easy Ways to Avoid Pot Belly-Effective Strategies to Wellness: Not only does pot belly gives one ugly and disgusting shape but constitute health hazard and concerns

Pot belly reduces self confidence and esteem. One develops an uneven look and low self esteem due to the disfigured shape of his

It is shocking to see the way people eat in public. Most people eat up to three different types of food in large portions.

I don’t know if it is the taste of party food, or the joy of being at a party or the whole free food thing!


But eating is part of the African culture, so no judgement there.

Do you know soft drinks causes bloating? That is such a bad and terrible habit, that must be stopped

Avoid Pot Belly with these Simple Ways

-Eat carbs only in the mornings, or at least before 12pm. After that stick to light food.

– Remove swallow (eba, akpu, amala, pounded yam, etc) completely from your diet, if you must swallow, eat oatmeal instead.

– Never eat after 5pm. You can take green tea for dinner. Even fruit is food so if you must eat it, eat before 5.

– Avoid soda completely. Anything with processed sugar is horrible. If you can’t stop immediately, buy soda water and add just a little soft drink in it to make it sweet. You can take half bottle of the mix with each meal until you withdraw gradually.

– Eat small portions of food and don’t eat in between meals. You can eat healthy snacks if you get hungry, like nuts, fruits etc

– Drink a lot of water!

The above pot can be summarized in a simple message as:

Cut down on carb intake, especially simple carbohydrate

Reduce intake of processed foods to the barest minimum. Snacks included.

Cut down portions of food.

Avoid eating late (can never be overemphasized)

Fruits and vegetables should be essential part of her diet.

Water! Water! Water! Increasing her water intake decreases her cravings for food.

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