Three Months Owed Stipends, Delay in paying stipends, Devices promised to volunteers, Permanency of All volunteers

Three Months Owed Stipends: Mega Protest Underway. See

Unpaid March, April, May stipends-volunteers to Protest. See

Owed Stipends/Permanency: Mega Protest Underway: There will be massive protest of npower volunteer come Thursday, the 18th day of June 2020

Volunteers have vowed not to relent until their stipends are paid. Both affected and non-affected volunteers are expected to voice out their anger against this barbaric act of owing some volunteers three months stipends

Volunteers will also protest delay in stipends payment and the long-awaited devices not talked about by the minister

All volunteers are to join the protest, when it affects one, it affects all. If it does not affect you today, it may be your turn tomorrow- Affected Volunteers

Height of the Protest will include:

  • Three Months Owed Stipends
  • Delay in paying stipends
  • Devices promised to volunteers
  • Permanency of All volunteers

The mega protest will take place as follow:

  • All FCT Npower beneficiaries are to converge at the National Assembly on Thursday (18/6/2020) by 9am.
  • All N-Power beneficiaries are to appear in their N-SIP vests and caps
  • The National President Comrade Kabiru Pelemi alongside FCT Representative will lead the protest and will speak the minds of the beneficiaries as National Assembly will be having sitting the same day.
  • Other state will meet at the designated place by the Representative


  1. There is no given address for the other federated states, please liase with the coordinators of other federates so as to make things eligible, to our pursuit…
    I remain My humble self.

    The Minute and working document.
    Miebaka ibingo (R.L.T)
    Npvn- npower- nteach- 2017-*********75..


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