Official Nigerian Army Salary Structure (New Increase By Buhari)

The Nigerian Army is one of the best on earth, she has successfully restored law and order in many nations of the world including Liberia, Serielone, South Africa, Ghana, Sudan, Cotede’voir among others

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Being the superior in Africa, the Nigeria Army prides its self in Military Speriolity and numerical strength, she has the highest number of servicemen and women in the Africa continent

The Nigerian Army has maintained and sustained the nation against internal insurrection and external aggression, thus making her a formidable force to reckon with

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In this article, we will tell the juicy side of the Nigerian Army you wouldn’t know, the Salary structure of all the ranks, newly approved by the Buhari led government

We will also tell you the rank including the commissioned and non-commissioned officers


Major formations of the Nigerian Army

 Major formations include:

 The 1st Division

The 2nd Division


The 3rd Armoured Division

The 81st Division

The 82nd Division,

The newly formed 7th Division.

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Commissioned officers

Field Marshal.


Lieutenant General.

Major General.

Brigadier General.


Lieutenant Colonel.



First Lieutenant.

Second Lieutenant.

Non-commissioned officers

Master Warrant Officer

Warrant Officer

Staff Sergeant



Lance Corporal



Salary Structure of the Nigeria Army

It is worthy to mention that, the Nigerian soldiers are paid based on their rank and service years


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