NYSC Members: Drop Your Signatures as a Vote of Thanks to the Federal Government.

It is no longer news; the federal government has increased the National Youth Service Corps (NYSC) monthly stipends normally known as “allawe” to a tune of $95 or 33,000

This was confirmed by the Director General of the National Youth Service Corps (NYSC). And some corpers have seen alerts.

What this means, is that, henceforth, all corps member will go home monthly with N33, 000. This is different from what your Place of primary assignment will give to you. Related https://myeduproject.com.ng/national-youth-service-corps-arrears-to-be-paid-to-previous-batch

The struggle for increment started when corps members and the concerned civil society complain bitterly of the plight of corps members, and today, history has repeated its self as it was in 2007.

As a way to show appreciation to the Federal Government headed by Mr. Buhari, we want all corps members in batch A, B and C   to drop their signatories as a vote of thanks to this landmark and ground breaking victory.

Please, all corps members should drop their SIGNATURES as a vote of thanks. It will be forwarded to all our senators, reps and the PRESIDENCY in their corporate Page and Group hearing before.

Remember, one good turn deserves another, let’s show appreciations and thanks in a little way.


How to drop your SIGNATURE

  • Type your email in the comment section below
  • Make a #tag and comment positively for the increase e.g # thank you mr president#
  • Submit and hit the like button.
  • You can share this link to other platforms
  • It will go a long way to all our senators, reps and the PRESIDENCY


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