NYIF Training: If You Are Unable To Participate In The Training, Do This

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NYIF Training: If You Are Unable To Participate In The Training, Do This: New update on the Nigeria Youth Investment Fund programme shows that, the online training is no more on youtube Channel link named “MindThe_GapNg”

Applicants are now to join the ZOOM via a link that will be sent through a registered email address


Invited applicants are to immediately join the 5 days training set out for them by joining the zoom link

“Applicants are been selected to be part of the FMYSD Digital First Economic Recovery Program to Grow their Business starting via invited text message from FMYSD.

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Invited applicants will undergo 5-day training and training is conducted every week for a new set of applicants.


If you applied for the NYIF and have been invited for training, but could not participate in the training due to some technical issues should follow thses steps below

Send your:


Registered Mobile Number


The nature of your challenge to the NYIF email sent to you



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