NYIF lunches E-training Modern Tool For Entrepreneurial Development

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See Nexit Loan: NYIF, Survival Fund & Covid-19 Beneficiaries Must See This

NYIF Introduces E-training Modern Tool For Entrepreneurial Development

  • Training has moved from MindThe_gap training to Zoom
  • Training is ongoing on daily basis, and
  • New training invitations are sent to applicants every day,
  • A new online shop on Facebook- Wazobia Online Market lunched
  • Goods and Services to aid buying and selling can be displayed

“ The group Admin Mr Iwowari Ayiba-efie Jaimon  says the group  is An online buying and selling platform where traders and buyers meet and do trade with ease”

The Nigeria Youth Investment Fund loan training has officially started on 1st of April 2021, if you have submitted your loan application for review and approval, keep checking your mail for training notification, there will be no rescheduling of time for training henceforth., Sunday Dare warned

For those yet to pre-invitation notification text, kind note all applications will be treated as the programme is not ending any time soon, there is even a bill at the national assembly to make it a continuous and permanent programme

If you have received sms, pre-inviting you to the NYIF programme, kindly click the link and proceed with your registration, fill the blank spaces and follow all the instructions as laid down


All emails and code verification and confirmation will be resolved in batches, Dara has assured all applicants. So, you need not worry, if you have filled the pre-qualification form, and waiting for the confirmation link



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