NYIF Is Inviting Applicants For Training Via Email – See Details

See NYIF: A Bill To Make NYIF Continue With Successive Governments Is In National Assembly

NYIF Is Inviting Applicants For Training Via Email – See Details: The Nigeria Youth investment Fund has made more changes to access the N75,000B naira Youth investment fund as directed by the Federal Government, this will help in flexibility and accountability towards fund disbursement, the Sports Ministry added

“Those that have benefitted from the covid 19 loan under HOUSEHOLD and not SME could possibly be considered to access up to the 3m NYIF as their case will be seriously looked into.

If the system is rejecting your bvn during registration it could mean you are either above 35years or under under other CBN loan as a beneficiary.

If you have applied under AGMEISIS loan and yet to be disbursed, you are equally eligible to apply for NYIF.

Those that applied under the AGMEISIS loan and yet to know their fate should be patient as NIRSAL is trying to update their system where people can get notification about their loan status and those who didn’t qualified will know immediately and why.

You are disqualified immediately if during interview you mistook the loan for a grant.So please take note of this.


Also see NYIF: https://nmfb.com.ng/nigeria-youth-investment-fund is the Only Site for Registration-Minister

Remember NYIF is not a grant but a loan of up to 3m for registered business and 250k for unregistered business with 5% annual interest and 1 year moratorium. So you must pay back.

At Investcon we can help you package your application and business plan professionally.

You will start getting SMS messages from next week Monday where you will be asked to upload your business plan


Your business plan will determine your qualification for the next stage which is training

Once you are invited for training that means you are almost 90% qualified to get the loan up to 3 million naira for registered business and 250k for people without CAC and disbursement followed immediately after the training.

If you have existing loan With central bank or NIRSAL you are not qualified for the NYIF”

See NYIF: Frequently Asked Questions and Answers All Applicants Must Know


  1. The big issue here is . is Email a beneficiary of nexit Npower program ,if the answer is no then why it sound as the soul of the program if you don’t have it you are finished is the program changing to another thing again not for the good of Nigeria youths.?


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