NYIF Begins Training of 10,000 Youths: How to Participate in Training

The Nigeria Youth Investment Fund was also known as NYIF has begun training of 10,000 youths registered under its platforms, all applicants who were shortlisted should make it a duty to check their mail for details regarding this

An email will start to roll out in batches telling applicants their training dates and time. Up 10,000 persons will be trained within the shortest possible time and funds up to 3,000,000 naira will be given to each applicant upon concluding the training

Training will be in batches, 10,000 persons may take more than a month for successful training, so be extra patient, it will surely get to you


According to Mr. Sunday Dare, the Minister of Youths and Sports Development the “With the successful completion of this pilot phase, NIRSAL has cleared names of another ten thousand (10,000) for training and subsequent loan approval and disbursement. Loans are in the range of two hundred and fifty thousand (N250,000) to three million naira(N3,000,000) for now.

“These names are available on the FMYSD website and NOYA website. Checks done include Age, BVN whether or not the individual has an existing government loan or has received covid 19 business payments

See NYIF: Massive Approval And Disbursement Of Fund(N250K-N750K) Ongoing


How to Prepare For Training (Training Manual)

Since the training will be online, there are things that must be in place for online training to be successful.

Check your email to see if you are selected.

Next Stage

  • Assess to the Training will be given on zoom
  • Complete all assigned tasks.
  • Information sharing sessions on Zoom as detailed below:
  • Finally take a Test based on the Training you’ve just concluded.
  • Only Successful candidates will be contacted subsequently.

Before you take the training, please ensure that you:

  • Have good Internet connection.
  • You won’t be be interrupted.
  • Have read all the training materials thoroughly

See training material here


    • the zooming code is yet to be given, we will update you when the time calls for it, always check our site for more update on this


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