Npower Registration Portal: Frequently Asked Questions & Answers-Nexit

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Npower Registration Portal: Frequently Asked Questions & Answers-Nexit: The federal government is set to deliver her exit loan package to Npower disengaged volunteers, as the Nexit CBN loan portal closes within days.


A lot of N-Exit applicants have been asking a lot of questions about N-Exit package.

Here are some of these questions and their answers:

Questions and Answers

When Would Nexit CBN loan Be Disbursed ?


In response to the above question on CBN loan disbursement, it will start as soon Nexit portal is closed and data collated within few weeks

When Will N-Exit Portal Close?

The N-Exit portal will officially closed before the end of April 2021, the SSA to the Humanitarian Minister assured

Why Is N-Exit Portal Not Accepting Yahoo mail?

This is a wrong notion as the N-Exit portal is accepting yahoo mail but is done in batches.

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Will loan be disbursed directly by CBN?

As for the loans, it will be disbursed by the CBN once registration and all the necessary processes have been completed.   

Will all former volunteers have access to these loans?

All N-power volunteers have access to the CBN loan.

Is the N-exit all about loan?

No, the N-exit program is not all about loans. It is also an affiliate program where applicants can create a business idea and have it sponsored by the CBN.

Could the unpaid 14200 owed volunteers apply for N-Exit?

Yes,all N-power volunteers will be able to apply for the N-exit program, meanwhile, all former 14200 owed volunteers will soon be paid their five months stipend as promised by the minister.

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How long will the N-Exit program last?

The N-Exit program has no sure date of expiry but it is stated that it will run until 2023.

Who will finance the N-Exit program?

The entire program will be anchored by the Central Bank of Nigeria.

What Kind of Business Ideas will Be Accepted.

The N-Exit program has its own categories of businesses that are accepted and would be funded.

Npower Registration Portal To Officially Ends: 250k To 800k To Be Disbursed

The FG CBN loan application Portal launched in November 30th 2020 will officially come to an end in few days’ time, the Senior Special Assistance to the Humanitarian Minister, Mrs. Nkem, twitted

All volunteers who are yet to register are to make hay while the sun shines, no further grace may be given. The portal will be closed for some weeks.

Disengaged Npower volunteers’ Data would be collated and processed within some weeks, and further instructions would be given to


Volunteerss will be given between 250k to 800k naira, just like any other FG CBN loan programme, disbursement would be based on business volunteers are willing to venture into

The Covid-19 Nirsal Micro Finance Bank loan Programme, the Nigeria Youth Investment Fund (NYIF), the Agri-Business Small and Medium Enterprise Investment (AGSMEIS) and other loan programmes saw between 250,000 to 800,000 given to applicants each

The Npower Nexit programme will be no exception to this goodwill, details on the repayment plan is sketchy and largely unknown as at now

But what we do know is that; in no distant time, further instructions would be made known to all disengaged volunteers regarding the subject

The CBN loan would be given without collateral:  SEE MORE DETAILS HERE


5 Months Backlog: 8,900 Volunteers To Get N150, 000 Each Next Week

The Federal Government through the Humanitarian Minister, Umar Sadiya Farouq, made a remarkable achievement by successfully verifying the bank statements of 8,900 persons with the last three months

It is worthy to mention that, over 14,200 disengaged volunteers were not paid their five-month stipends as a result of GIFMIS, flagging off volunteers in error

The Senior Special Assistance and Media aid to the Humanitarian Minister, Mrs. Nkem, broke the news this today, the 7th of April 2021

Other owed volunteers not captured in the 8900 volunteers are to be patients as verification of bank details and other credentials submitted are ongoing, the ministry assured

5,300 volunteers will not be among the first batch of payment, but after the completion of the bank statement and other credentials, the fate of over 5300 owed volunteers would be ascertained

For now, no one knows if the leftover of the 14,200 would be paid any time soon

Disengaged volunteers have been begging the Federal Government to pay all her outstanding debt of stipends owed to volunteers since last year, not until today, a statement was made in that regard

Sadiya Umar has said, only legitimate claims will be paid after verification of bank details and credentials,

Words of Sadiya Umar regarding the 5 months backlog payment sometimes last year

“From the consolidated list of beneficiaries we received from the OAGF in September, the 14,200 beneficiaries with arrears of stipend were flagged for receiving a monthly payment from other MDAs, particularly from the NYSC”

“It is possible that the 14,200 beneficiaries used their NYSC allowance bank accounts for N-Power and GIFMIS payment platform picked them for double payment”

“The 14,200 affected beneficiaries will present their NYSC certificates for final verification after which we will present an updated list to OAGF to pay off their 5 months arrears”

“All legitimate claims and those on verified list will be paid before the end of the year”


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