Umar Sadiya Radio Broadcast Cancelled, Presidency to make Historic pronouncement come June 12

Npower: Presidency to Permanent Volunteers comes June 12. Also see

“Prof Yemi Osinbanjo confirmed in an interview yesterday that federal government is planning to streamlined Npower program to accommodate more youths.

 He also said the existing volunteers will not be throw back to labor market & permanent is been considered for them”

Umar Sadiya Radio Broadcast Cancelled, Presidency will on June 12 broadcast to the nation the retaining of NPower volunteers corps batch A

Umar Sadiya Streamlining Briefing will no longer hold, presidency will make historic pronouncement come June 12 2020. Reliable source confirmed.

 Umar Sadiya to Make Streamlining Briefing was cancelled few hours tp broadcast, presidency to make declaration by June 12. See

“Leaked information says volunteers will proceed to federal secretariat in their receptive states to enroll in IPPIS as from 1st of July 2020 for capturing”


“The information further directed all batch A volunteers to maintain their local government of residence instead of local government of origin

President Muhammadu Buhari will on June 30th forward an executive Bill to the NASS seeking to permanent all the volunteers into federal civil service, so as to provide a legal backing” licked

The Federal Government promised to streamline the programme after paying all stipends due to volunteers; many volunteers have received their may Stipends.

Leaked information from the current engagement, spokesperson for the humanitarian affairs, disaster management and social development ministry Rhoda Iliya, said in a statement, 400,000 new volunteers will be included in the programme, making it close to a Million volunteers, the Largest in Africa.


Presidency to Permanent Volunteers comes June 12

 “The administration’s vision of lifting 100 million people out of poverty by creating opportunities to enhance the productivity of the Nigerian youth is much on course”

Although Illiya confirmed that the government is working on the good exit plan for the beneficiaries, she did not give a specific date or month.

 “We are still working on an exit plan for Batch A,” Illiya told correspondent, “But there is no specific date for exit.”, See

According to her, there is not date fix yet, and an exit plan is currently being worked out, there is no need to worry

While a handful of Volunteers are yet to receive their March, April and even May stipends, the matter is currently being solved. All volunteers will be paid their entitlement before the week runs out

Affected volunteers are to email their details to NPVN, where reconciliation will be done. Apparently, new entrant of 400,000 persons will also be discussed.

Highlights and Agenda of the Broadcast by the presidency may include:

Streamlining of Npower beneficiaries- Volunteers Currently Serving

Date for New Registration of Batch C (400,000)

The future of Npower as a Programme

How Batch A will be Exited or Retained


  1. I wish its the same to obtain our devices along side…… Batch b…… All the same the working plane is commendable and worth encouraging.
    Thanks to the HM SADIYA FAROUQ UMAR, and her working imprecisions.


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