Npower Nexit Loan Portal: If You Can’t Access Your Portal, Know This

Npower Nexit Loan Portal: If You Can’t Access Your Portal, Know This: The Npower Nexit Loan registration portal may have closed for registration, however, unregistered volunteers still have the chance to register for the program if they haven’t done that


For those that have registered and can not access their loan portal dashboard, note that processing of the loan is ongoing, and in due time, the ministry to give further instruction as to what to do or expect

As for the amount to be dished out to volunteers, the Ministry is yet to disclose any figure regarding the N-EXIT package, neither has the Ministry given a maximum or minimum amount of loan to be given to N-Power Batch A and B Volunteers.

But the fact is that the Humanitarian Ministry will adopt the NMFB Format in dishing out Loan to N-Power Batch A and B Volunteers

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And it is well known that NIRSAL NFB offers between N450, 000 to N5, 000,000 as a loan


Most of government loan programs in existence like the Nigeria Youth Investment Fund (NYIF), the Covid-19 Loan, AGSSMEIS Loan, and CBN Agric Loan, and Lots more

Beneficiaries of the above program get between N450, 000 to N5, 000,000 as loans individually, since it is for business purposes

Why would Npower Nexit Loan be different? Certainly not. All volunteers are to exercise patience and wait for further directives


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