Npower/Nexit Loan In January 2022: FG To Execute 5 Plans to Batch A/B/C1
Npower/Nexit Loan In January 2022: FG To Execute 5 Plans to Batch A/B/C1

Npower/Nexit Loan In January 2022: FG To Execute 5 Plans to Batch A/B/C1

The Federal Government (FG) Npower program had a wonderful and successful implementation in 2021, but 2022 promises to be more unique as the next stage of the program are unleashed

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If you are a disengaged batch A and B volunteers, batch C stream 1 and the prospective batch C stream 2, there are great surprises and amusement waiting, as the program entire its political landscape leading to 2023 general election

The 2023 General Election is already at hand, and all hands are on deck to give the current government victory comes 2023, all FG poverty alleviation programs including the Npower will be given maximum attention and speed

Starting from January 2022,  till pre-election campaigns era, before, during, and after the 2023 General election, the Npower program will withness speed in policy implementation and execution

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This is because, the Npower program is one of Buhari’s success stories of the APC led government, any delay or stagnation in policy regarding the Batch A and B disengaged volunteers of over 500,000 and the current batch C of over 550.000 may spell doom to the Currently ruling party

Let’s talk of 5 plans FG will Execute come 2022 to redeem her Image and courage in the Npower Program

Batch C 1 to Get All their 3 Months Stipend In January 2022

Batch C stream 1 will get all her backlog stipend at the wee month of 2022, currently the program has not paid batch C 1 three months stipend due to reconciliation between the Office of the Accountant General of the Federation and the Humanitarian Ministry

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There will be speedy disbursement of stipend to all beneficiaries of the batch C 1 any moment from January 2022, as the Office of the Accountant General of the Federation and the Humanitarian Ministry are on “top speed” to bring issues of Discrepancies to a halt

And henceforth, there won’t be any delay in stipend disbursement, platform  Fedpay may be changed to GIFMIS for effective stipend disbursement

GIFMIS is more effective than FG/CBN Fedpay platform since it can pay hundreds of thousands of persons with less “flagging of account”

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Backlog payment to 14,200 Batch A and B volunteers   

Over 1.3 Billion naira was released for the payment of backlog to affected batch A and B volunteers, this money has not been disbursement yet, it is lying idle in CBN, this is because the CBN and Office of the Humanitarian Minister are yet to reach a compromise of the numbers of volunteers flagged by GIMIS sometime in 2020

As batch C stream 1 receives its 3 monthly backlogs, there are high hopes. 14,200 batch A and B  would be paid along

So, relax, no one will steal your money as all are on the pipe to pay all outstanding stipend soonest

The Humanitarian Minister is currently on maternity leave, her role is handled by her assistant under strict supervision, sooner or later, payment of all type will be made

FG to Open Portal for Additional 5 Million Persons come 2022

The Federal Government has expressed its readiness to bring in an additional 5 million persons into the Npower program, this was confirmed by the Minister of Humanitarian Affairs, and Social Development, Umar Farouq Sadiya. See link

This is will score the ruling party more political points to be re-elected, and in line to lift the country out of strict poverty, 5 million persons will be added to the Npower program come 2022

Already, the 2022 budget has many provisions for wealth and job creation, poverty alleviation, and youth empowerment programs. This will be one point, the ruling party may not joke with ( the youths)

So, tell your friends, relatives, and love ones to get their credentials and papers ready, as the portal opens for massive batch D, E, F, and so on

Nexit CBN Loan Training and Disbursement for Batch A  and B to officially Begin 2022

This matter has been over-flogged and has reduced the morale of the first two batches of the program. The good thing is that FG has not forgotten you guys, there are massive underground plans to deliver one of the biggest and largest Nexit programs ever admitted, See proof

In the wee months of 2022, Nexit CBN loan training will start, you can take this statement to the bank, there are massive provisions for this in the 2022 Budget of over N17Trillion

Both the Senate and Reps have passed the 2022 budget into law, implementation and execution take effect as 2022 comes near

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