Npower Nexit CBN Offer: Exercise More Patience and Wait For The Result Of Our Effort- Sadiya: Both the Batch A, B, and C of the Npower Programme have expressed total disappointment and delay in the programme lately, people now see it as gameplay toward the 2023 general election

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Batch A and B has done one full year waiting for the promised NEXIT CBN loan package promised them even before they exit the programme


Batch C stream 1 and 2 recruitments is taking ages to conclude as no date of commencement yet

The situation is such that, the authorities are not giving clear directives on when programme may commence

As the 2023 general election come near, some Nigerians see the while delay as game plan to gain cheap political points and get the needed support

The delay in the commencement of the Npower batch C and Nexit Programme may not be politically motivated because of the following reasons:


All these speculations may not be so in realities as the government has their own problem

In response to this trending issue, we are going to give you reasons why we don’t think the delay is politically motivated with the following reasons:

The delay might be due to a lack available of funds.

They have earlier stated that they are sourcing for Funds to implement the Nexit Programme, it might also be the case of batch C.

2023 Election is not responsible for the Delay

Delaying the Programme to 2023 because of the election does not really make sense because they can as well engage the Beneficiaries now and still can engage another batch by 2023.

It Is the Responsibility of Government To create Enabling Environment

This might even serve as an advantage to them because they have both existing beneficiaries and exited beneficiaries to support them if that is the plan.

The responsibility of any government is to serve the citizens, provide a conducive environment and opportunities for the citizens to be productive.

So no reasonable government will just want to keep their vibrant youthful population stagnant.

And the fact is that Investing In Npower Batches ABC Volunteers – Best Way To Expand Opportunities In Nigeria.

Words of Hajiya Sadiya Farouq, regarding the CBN loan offer -NEXIT

“Despite this, the exited beneficiaries are advised to exercise more patience and await the result of the efforts being made by the Honorable Minister who is currently engaging various MDAs including the CBN and the Federal Ministry of Agriculture and Rural Development to ensure that the eligible exited beneficiaries are transited to government progammes or even employment where available”-SADIYA UMAR 2020

 “We have commenced the transitioning of beneficiaries from Batches A and B into government entrepreneurship schemes and engaging private sector bodies to absorb some of the beneficiaries after the completion of psychometric assessment to determine competency and placement into various opportunities. Read More

“The Federal government is committed to the continuation and expansion and as such will now begin enrolment and onboarding of a new Batch of beneficiaries. Read more

Skills acquisition for entrepreneurship and job creation are critical for an economy that will require a boost post-COVID-19 and we are gearing up proactively for the challenge.”

It also explained that the enrollment will provide opportunities for more Nigerian youths to access the programme, in furtherance of the President’s vision of lifting 100 million Nigerians out of poverty

We have directed Focal Persons of NSIPs in all the states to submit an updated list and details of the exited N-Power beneficiaries that are interested in participating in the transition plans of the ministry


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