Npower N-build & N-tech: Payment starts this week, Apology for Delay

N-power N-build & N-tech: It is no longer news; n-build and n-tech categories of the n- power programme are yet to receive their stipends for months now, even after being assured from the last Facebook live chat by Mr Afolabi

In respect to this, payment of the aforementioned and affected segment will be made this week, Mr afolabi assured, citing administrative issue linking to NBBS as the course of the delay.

This week will not pass N-build and N-tech, we have put finishing touches and funds are now available to pay all the accrued stipends due.  

The Nbuild and Ntech are very important categories of the n-power programme because they acquire real skills, when applied; many more jobs will spring up.

We will pay sizeable number of the non-graduate segment of the programme this week, the more we delay the more the problem compound, situation room made this clear.

Apparently, the issues for the delay have been tabled for discussion and solutions to address the recurrent delay were profound.

Delay in payment will be put to rest soon-Situation Room Assured

The delay in payment of stipends to the N-build and N-tech n-power beneficiaries seems to be a recurring event; the government has defaulted in payment date,  in recent time, payment were made 20 days into the new months-A sad situation considered unhealthy for a government sponsored programme that is captured in the 2020 fiscal spending plan (Budget)


Apparently, many beneficiaries are unable to give their very best due to poor financial moral.  Some may have even stopped attending their Place of Primary Assignment (PPA)

But the Npower Situation room in the nation’s capital and the Headquarter of the programme has cleared the air.

The situation room is housing many staff and even key components of the program, like mr Afolabi and others. In a latest response to a question posed by a beneficiary on N-power official Facebook page concerning the delay in stipends to the N-build and N-tech.

It was made clearly that, the issue of delay in payment will be put to rest soon; the matter will soon be a story of the past. Knowing fully well that, Npower spending was captured in the 2020 budget of the Federal republic, N-build and N-tech beneficiaries need not not to panic.


All beneficiaries are to remain calm and positive as the matter is tabled for discussion by officials to the authority concerned. This delay will not repeat its self- Situation Room Assured


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