Npower Master of All Protest (MOAP): Details of Next Protest

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Locations and Strategies

Akwa Ibom: Akwa Ibom State House of Assembly

Cross River: Cross River State House of Assembly

Edo: Edo State House of Assembly

Ekiti: Ekiti House of Assembly

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Katsina: Katsina House of Assembly

Abia: Abia State House of Assembly

Anambra: Anambra State House Of Assembly

Kogi: Kogi State House of Assembly


Ondo: Ondo State House of Assembly

Lagos: Lekki Toll

Abuja: National Assembly, Aso Villa

Osun: Osun State House of Assembly

Ogun: Ogun State House Of Assembly

Kaduna: Kaduna State House of Assembly

Port Harcourt: Port Harcourt House of Assembly

All Other States: State House of Assembly

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Absorb all npower volunteers or give a robust exit package.

Remove age limit and graduation year in employment.





“They have turned us to second class citizens in our father land, they threw us into the streets amid covid19 pandemic, and they brought sorrow, tears and languish

“Wickedness is their regular trade mark. We are not backing down. An injustice to one is an injustice to all, we demand an end to this evil and wicked government, and we shall take over the streets till the oppressors are flushed out, we are not backing down.

“It is not a crime to want to have a future we are organizing a 500,000 man protest nationwide, come with your npower crested vest, print and photocopy our handbills for distribution during the protest” –Npower Exited Volunteers Words


  • Also they should always update us several times at least thrice in a month.
  • Anybody that wants to deal with Nigeria government must be very fast, active and troublesome because there’s no time for gentleman in front of Federal Government of Nigeria.
  • Our Representatives mentioned bandit, repentance Boko Haram and others, if they aren’t troublesome they won’t get that kind of regards from Federal government.
  • Although our own should be organized according to our own field, focus and ambitions.
  • He still said we should give federal government this month of November; the important question is that do they get in touch with the federal government to remind them their promises for us?
  • He said they were out of the previous protest, where were they when we were organizing ourselves?
  • These should know that many people cannot be patient anymore especially those their money stopped since March and others with backlogged issues. Some have family and dependents without any other means of sustainable living.
  • Next Protest must organized in extra ordinary way in which buses should be loaded with volunteers to Abuja and stay there until Federal Government answer us, as we keep calm, there’s no assurance that anybody is treating our issues at the presidency because the issues before government are plenty and complex.
  • We have to sort ourselves out on time to the federal government to have enough time to face Batch C.
  • All our Representative have to be at all these Npower Beneficiaries Pages, we have to work together and God will fight for us.
  • 360 buses loaded with volunteers will storm Abuja for next Protest
  • Every 36 state is going to arrange at least 10 buses each loaded with volunteers with solidarity songs, we are not going to abuse anybody because we are going to ask for the fulfilment of those promises made for the group.
  • All the roads leading to National Assembly, Federal Government Secretariat and Aso Rock Villa will be blocked with buses; this will make the up coming protest different from others.
  • There’s no how media houses will not cover this. We are going to stay there till federal government fulfil all the promises made for us.
  • Our National Representative spoke on Tuesday, our representative should not always wait till when we members start taking action before starting reaction because time doesn’t wait for anyone.
  • We have been inviting them to come and address us since September this year and updated us but they didn’t react that was why people were doubting them.
  • Being a representative is an opportunity for them because their actions can determine their political future for anyone who has interest in politics.
  • Advice to all our representatives is that they should follow all Npower pages and go beyond their own state Npower page because these pages we are sharing our post, our thoughts and our minds contain all members across the country.
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