Npower: Join the Protest #enough-is-enough-we-deserve-more#-Lagos Npower

Greetings to all Npower Volunteers, it has now come to point where we have to protest for our right as citizens of this country


It is disheartening that up till now, we’re yet to get our March and April stipend. Well our social media campaign has commenced. See

Please let’s share the below thereafter, we use #tag to force our Honorable Minister to pay our money

Use the #tag with the pictures, you can post it to here twitter page via handle @Umar-sadiya

It will go along way in addressing our plight and challenges as volunteers


  1. the minister treating us like snave we are all graduate and also we citizen of this country we deserve more than this #30000 monthly stipend but due to situation of this country we are endor but up on that the minister just
    do anything she like to punishment us since the resumption of the minister we crying be we get paid some have 17 months backlog the minister wasn’t paid


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