Npower: Hope Rekindled, Stay Positive, a good Exit Plan Underway-Rhoda Iliya,

Npower: Hope Rekindled, Stay Positive, a good Exit Plan Underway-Rhoda Iliya: The current engagement, spokesperson for the humanitarian affairs, disaster management and social development ministry Rhoda Iliya, said in a statement has contributed to “the administration’s vision of lifting 100 million people out of poverty by creating opportunities to enhance the productivity of the Nigerian youth.”

Although Illiya confirmed that the government is working on the exit for the beneficiaries, she did not give a specific date or month. See

 “The first and second batch, they are still working on their exit,” Illiya told our correspondent, “There is no specific date.”

According to her, there is not date fix yet, and an exit plan is currently being worked out, there is no need to worry

The buhari administration had promised to lift 100million Nigerians out of poverty, if 500,000 poor youths are laid-off, national security would be jeopardized

“If eventually disengaged, the number of people that will be rendered jobless will compound Nigeria’s already bad unemployment figures.


The last official figures released by Nigeria’s statistics office put the unemployment rate at 23.1%. Labour minister Chris Ngige said that figure could rise to 33.5 this year”Hope Rekindled, Stay Positive, a good Exit Plan Underway-Rhoda Iliya

Hope Rekindled, Stay Positive, a good Exit Plan Underway-Rhoda Iliya

Yes, Batch A may be exited any time after May and Batch B will be exited shortly after, but it won’t be without a good package- Source added

There had been controversies between Ms Farouq and President Muhammadu Buhari’s Special Adviser on Social Investment, Maryam Uwais, about the exit package for the Batch A volunteers as each traded blame on who was responsible for the delay in disengaging the beneficiaries.


“The minister had blamed the National Social Investment Office (NSIO), under Mrs Uwais for having no viable plan for the exit of the beneficiaries.”

“In reaction, Mrs Uwais said her administrators had made ‘exit plans’ which had not been implemented before the office was moved under the leadership of Ms Farouq. She also said she had briefed Mrs Farouq on those plans”.

“We are working hard to streamline the programme for greater efficiency and to provide opportunities for more Nigerian youths. Details will be provided as soon as May stipend has been paid.

A workable solution is underway, as good exit plan is hurriedly being organized to see to the successful exit of Batch A and eventually Batch B without harming national security


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