Npower Batch C1: Trick To Download Your Deployment/PPA Letter Within 3 Minutes  

Npower Batch C1: Trick To Download Your PPA Letter Within 3 Minutes: Have you been trying to download your PPA letter for days and it is proving to be unsuccessful? Today, you will download your PPA letter without stress, many have followed this trick and it worked out just fine and perfect

The reason why you were unable to download your PPA is that many persons, about 500,000 of them are trying to do the same at the same time, giving rise to glitches in traffic

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Here is a very easy and cheap trick to download your Npower PPA Letter

Ensure you are using Chrome browser,

Change the view to desktop view,

After you might have input your details,


Tap on the download button. (As usual an error message pops up, So many people are trying to download at the same time, causing the error message)

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Now here comes the trick

Ignore the error message and keep tapping the download button nonstop.


Keep tapping the download button for mo than 5min nonstop, still, you see a download completed pop up on your notification

Keep tapping the download button nonstop.



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