Npower Batch C Registration to End Soon, Over 6M Applications Received


Npower Batch C Registration to End Soon, Over 6M Applications Received: Currently, Batch C recruitment is ongoing, and 400,000 volunteers will be onboarded after the registration exercise

The registration which started 26th of June 2020, is expected to last for six (6) weeks, has received over six million application so far, see

 The Government Social Investment Programme (SIP) has been praised for empowering youths with skills needed to curb rising unemployment

Batch B and A registration and Application saw similar turnout, where more than 8 million person and over 5million persons applied respectively, only 300,000 and 200,000 applicants respectively were successfully onboarded

At the End of the recruitment exercise, pre-selection criteria will follow, and the lucky ones will ensue.

with the programme already streamlined, the status qua has changed, incoming volunteers will spend only but 12 months and less without devices


In no distant time, at the tail end of the month of July, Batch C registration will come to end

More than 8 million applications would be expected at the end of the exercise, they government may decide to add an extra two weeks if situations demanded for it

So far, the application portal is flexible, yearning to receive as many willing to apply

Thorough scrutiny and measures will be applied to Screening out working-Class Applicants via BVN If you are a Federal, State or Local Government workers, you need not to apply, the system is a Hybrid one, it will find and screen you out. Same applied to existing beneficiaries




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