Npower Batch A Permanency: Top Eight (8) Things Volunteers Must know

Npower Batch A Permanency: Top Eight (8) Things Volunteers Must know: It is no longer news Batch A, 2016 set has hope of staying longer in the Npower programmes. Also see

Apparently, the Minister of Humanitarian Affairs, Disaster Management and Social Development, hajiya Sadiya Umar Farouq has lifted up the banner of Hope of npower volunteers as  Batch A is heading for permanency

The minister finally used the “last straw to break the Camel’s back”, giving the much needed hope to Batch A, who until now are not sure of their future in the programme. See

In a talk show with members of the Press on NTA2, Sadiya Umar Farouq is said to be working on modalities on how to exit batch A, into what they can fall back to

Watch Video (The Video might consume your data, fast forward it to the 34th minutes, to get the Permanency question raised and answered) 

This statement had brought joy and happiness to all volunteers both batch A and B, meaning there is much at the end of the journey.

But there are many things volunteers need to know about this pronouncement, we will unlock things all volunteers must know and expect about this statement


Federal government Has Good plans for Volunteers
  • The Federal Government could have good plans for the outgoing Batch A volunteers this year, the pronouncement of the Government through the minister, shows the Government truly cares. Their plan to provide 10 million jobs and sustain them is a reality. We must applaud  the government and all those who initiated the npower programme

The Term “Permanency” is not well defined

  • Her pronouncement only said; “working on modalities on how to exit batch A, into what they can fall back to”, meaning, there are no clear notion to this. It could be recalled, the Minister and the Entire National Social Empowerment Programme (NSIP) once promised GEEP loan, skills acquisitions, Small and Medium Scale Enterprises, Agric loan and financing to mention but a few as what volunteers might fall back to.   This might means the permanent job the minister meant, as no official description was given to her permanency statement. But volunteers are hoping to be incorporated into the Civil Service or permanently left in their current Place of Primary Assignment (PPA) while aspiring for increase in pay

Slash In 2020 Budget and fall of oil price Might Not Affect Permanency

  • Though the 2020 budget has been reduced by 1 Trillion naira, oil now sold for less than $11/b, the Federal Government is might not have the financial strength to finance or expand Social Investment Programmes.
  • The government is broke as we speak, and revenues from oil are not coming. Company Income Taxes not paid. Main stream salary earner in states and at the center might not be paid, if pandemic last beyond June.
  • But all these will not affect the permanency of Batch A, her words “We don’t know how long the covid-19 will last, but what we do know is that, after the pandemic, the exit of Batch A into a permanent job is our next plan and must be achieved as from the Month of June”, the Minister responded to a question raised by journalist, if the covid-19 pandemic and the stay-at-home order will affect this plan

The Permanency might be Exit Package:

  • Exit package could mean, what volunteers will be given upon exit; would it be Money to run small businesses? Or some kind of palliative and stimulus package? Only time will tell. We don’t know what lies ahead, but what we do know is that, one of these will manifest. Volunteers should brace-up

Batch A will be Exited By June

There have been plans to exit batch A long ago, but with care and humanity, less the Buhari’s led government might lose her integrity and honour.  All hands are on deck to let Batch A volunteers go by June, to pave way for Batch C, 400,000 new volunteers are on the pipe bracing up, not until batch A goes, there will be no batch C

Batch B Might not enjoy Batch A’s Preferential Treatment
  • Unfortunately, Batch B might not be giving devices and “long stay” like their counter pack, the minister is not saying anything about devices, she tactically dodged the question when put forward.
  • And the agreement was just for two years, this administration of Sadiyat Umar might enforce it by and large. Any package given to batch A, same will be applied to Batch B

Non-graduate will be Left Out

  • The Non-graduate (Nbuild, Ntech, Nsoftware) category are not part of the Permanency plan: Many of the Nbuild, Ntech, Nsoftware etc have finished their programme and certificate issued them.

Stipend Payment Will be Delayed Henceforth

  • Stipend will still be delayed because it has procedures that can never be avoided, Sadiya warned. From her choice word,”the process is absolutely cumbersome and there would be delay, we know it is not a norm but that is the challenge we usually face”.
  • “She laid emphasis on the verification processes that begins with voucher preparation from Npower back room staff forwarded to the ministry and straight to her desk for approval. Payment voucher then undergoes checks and balance from the director of finance to the deputy director of finance desk and lastly forwarded to CBN”-opera news claimed



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