Npower: A Volunteer Saved 9 Months Stipend-Builds A Fish Pond

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Npower: A Volunteer Saved 9 Months Stipend-Builds A fish Pond: It is like the story of the 10 virgins, five were wise and the other five were foolish, out of the five wise virgins that took extra oil to their Lamp, they did not just meet their savior (God), but saw them to their heavenly destiny, Same applies to the Npower Volunteers

After receiving more than 40 months stipend, some were unable to have an investment worthy to sustain them after disengagement

Indeed the npower programme has been a blessing to many volunteers; the programme has recorded huge success in human capital development among youths who aspire to be independent

A handful of youths have utilized various channel of wealth creation and sustenance, not just for themselves but for the entire community


Terwase Kor Lawrance, 27, an N-agro volunteer, narrated how he became successful with the token given him as stipend since 2016.

I saved Nine (9) Months stipends to build a Fish Ponds close to the River; I also bought a fairly used water pump- Terwase Kor

At first, I knew fish business will thrive, and since I am in the N-agro category, I decided not to waste my time and the little stipend coming in. So I met Bala Paul, who has been a small scale fish farmer for years

He introduced me into the fish rearing business, and with my Nine months saved stipends, I was able to start a fish pond, with little training.


Located at the outskirt of River Benue, 1 and half km close to Marine Police, Terwase’s fish pond can boast of 95 cat fish in a single harvest.

Women troop into his farm to buy fish to sell along the old Makurdi Bridge, close to Saint Joseph Technical College, just before the Great Makurdi Water Works

A life investment, if well managed will go a long way sustaining him and providing food for many, as the covid-19 pandemic has left many at the mercy of  hunger  

It’s amazing, Terwase Saved  his Nine Months Stipend and invests the said  money in a fish farm and yielding good returns-A success story all volunteers should enulate

In his PPA in Barnada, the 27 years fish farmer thanked the federal Government for the Npower Programme, and pleaded for extension of the programme to new set of volunteers

According to Terwase, his second pond in under construction, when completed, more hands will be needed, thus creating emplyment opporturntiy fot others, which is the main idea behind the programme

Warning: Pictures in this article are not same with that of the Terwase’s fish farm.


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