Npower A, B, C: Translation of Sadiya’s Discussion in English (Video)

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Npower Batch A, B, C: Translation of Sadiya’s Discussion in English (Video)  


Aliu: Can you shed some light about your transition plan for the exited volunteers?

Sadiya: We have perfected plans to put them in viable opportunities, talks are already concluded, in few weeks’ time, the matter will be made known, exited volunteers will thank me for the effort made so far.

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We understand the anxiety among young people. The Federal Government is not putting them into the street, that is why we told them to wait and exercise a little patient during our last press statement


Aliu: Will batch C be accorded same treatment?

Sadiya: We have even better plans for the incoming batch C, they will be carefully chosen, we will treat them with care and passion. Batch C will have the best one year, which I will supervise as a Minister

Immediately after their one-year of service, will we transit them into plan already perfected, batch A and B will test run the plan, which I believe will change the lives of millions

Aliu: Some beneficiaries are complaining of being owed months of stipends, what hopes lies in secrecy of them to be paid


Sadiya: In our last Press Release, we addressed these issues, the office Accountant General of the Federation has resolved the matter, genuine volunteers of less than 14,000 will be paid backlogs of months owed.

She added by saying, GIFMIS is a well-built platform that is rejecting all those who are in Payroll of various MDAs

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Sadiya: We have approved thepayment of July stipend to batch C volunteers and in no distant time, volunteers will start getting alert, the office of the Accountant General is soon give “the go-ahead-order” and GIFMIS will triggers Payment

Aliu: When will batch C be onboarded knowing fully well, the country is not fully open?Sadiya:  We are finalizing plans to release the names of successful candidates, further instructions will be made known


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