Nigerians Must Return To Agriculture-President Buhari Challenges Youths

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Nigerians Must Return To Agriculture-President Buhari Challenges Youths: The presidency has clearly instructed the Central Bank of Nigeria not to release money regarding food importation, siting total negligence in food production by local farmers

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Mr. Buhari said, his government will spearhead programmes to boast agriculture in the country. While encouraging Nigerians to fall back to Farming, the president is giving room to zero food importation come 2021

The Oil industry has made Nigerians abandoned Agriculture, this trend most be corrected- Buhari vowed

Buhari also warned the apex bank, not to give in to any plans towards food importation

“President Buhari: Government will wrestle food inflation in the coming year’


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 “We must not give money to import food. Already about seven states are producing all the rice we need. We must eat what we produce.”

“Going back to the land is the way out. We depend on petrol at the expense of agriculture. Now the oil industry is in turmoil. We are being squeezed to produce at 1.5 million barrels a day as against a capacity to produce 2.3 million”

“At the same time, the technical cost of our production per barrel is high, compared to the Middle East production,” the President was quoted as saying,”


“We are back to the land now. We must not lose the opportunity to make life easier for our people. Imagine what would have happened if we didn’t encourage agriculture and closed the borders. We would have been in trouble,” President Buhari concluded



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