Nigeria Jubilee Fellowship Programme Prep Chat Session-Join Us

With the aim of lifting 100million Nigerians out of poverty, the Nigeria Jubilee Fellows programme will be creating 20,000 new jobs to graduate nationwide

Nigeria Jubilee Fellowship Programme will be highly competitive. A competitive selection process will be used to collect 20,000 graduates, our chat session will help applicants learn how best to apply and WIN the Nigeria Jubilee Fellowship Programme.

See Nigeria Jubilee Fellows 2021: FG Releases Salary Structure For Graduates

A total of 20,000 graduates will be placed in both private and public sectors across industries and will be paid N920, 000 for a duration of 12 calendar months

While we are not promising you an automatic ticket to being among the 20,000 graduates, follow our chat session will expose you to all it takes to be among the selected numbers

Join our Prep Chat Session to learn how best to apply and win the Nigeria Jubilee Fellowship Programme.

Fellows are entitled to N80, 000 monthly stipends for 12 months.


Chat Date- 7th October 2021

How To Join

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