NExit Google Form ( is Not from US-NSIP

See NEXIT Email Problem: Send details to [email protected] & Wait for 72hrs-Nsip

NExit Google Form ( is Not from US-NSIP: News circulation the internet seeking Nexit volunteers to fill in a google online form regarding email related problem in the ongoing nexit registration exercise is not from NSIP and should be disregarded  

The online site was traced and was discovered to be used during the 2019 presidential election to defraud voters of their most valuable information and data.

The same site was used to get peoples bank details and Biometric Verification Number (BVN) during the last presidential Election in 20219

Also see NEXIT E-mail Activation Problem: Send Details to [email protected]

Internet Faudsters and Scammers are heavily harvesting data and information of many for the sole aim of criminality, do not fall pray to them.

Volunteers putting their details in the site ( does that at their risk and the NSIP team is not liable for any loss


The National Social Investment Programme has since denounce requesting volunteers information via

The office of Umar Sadiya, Minister of Humanitarian Affairs, Disaster Management and Social Development has advised volunteers not to Panic as the site is still under Maintenance and Upgrade and will be solved any moment from now

Email confirming volunteer’s registration and application will be delivered to them sooner than later and should not stop volunteers from registering for the said loan affiliate programmes of the Central Bank of Nigerian- Sadiya Added

See Nexit CBN Affiliate Programmes: Volunteers to Get Loan without Collateral


Though no official date has been announce as closing date, time should not be spent on registration as the Federal Government is hell bent transiting volunteers in meaning ventures and programmes

Volunteers having login and email related challenges and issues are advised to send their information to with immediate effect and wait for response as registration is still ongoing-NSIP

[email protected]    or  [email protected]  or   [email protected]


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