NEXIT Email/Login Problem: Send Details to

See NEXIT: Loan Disbursement TO Start Immediately After Registration

NEXIT Email/Login Problem: Send Details to The NExit registration has no date to close portal yet, the registration which started on a shaky ground has still not captured large Number of Npower Exited volunteers for the CBN Loan programme

The SNIP is calling for emergency in response to all volunteers not yet registered as the loan disbursement is just a “stone throw” from now on

Many volunteers have not been able to complete their applications. Some beneficiaries’ email addresses were rejected as non-beneficiary emails.

See NExit CBN Email/Login Problem: Call NSIP/Npower With These Numbers

Others have created accounts but have not been able to activate their accounts and submit their records as account verification mail has not been sent to then especially those using yahoo mail. While some others have their Npower email domain name as

Volunteers having login and email related challenges and issues are advised to send their information to with immediate effect and wait for response as registration is still ongoing-NSIP


[email protected]    or [email protected] or   [email protected]

or reach fill the online and submit accordingly



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