Nexit Change/Verification/ Yahoo mail Problems: [email protected] To call Volunteers Via Phone

See Nexit Email/Login Issues: [email protected] Resumes Registration

Nexit Change/Verification/ Yahoo mail Problems: [email protected] To call Volunteers Via Phone: The Nexit support team ([email protected]) has resumed work fully, the team proceed on a Christmas break over the last week, but has commenced work, today, the 28th of December, 2020

However, not all staff are on ground presently, after the New Year break, the support team will have a full house

[email protected] will be addressing the lingering email problems based on submission and response time in these formats

  • Email Verification Issues not resolved
  • Yahoo Mail delay
  • Change of Email
  • Mail verification

Send mail with either of the above as subject to one of the support link below and wait till they get to your turn, the support team has hundred of thousands of mail to attend to

Also see NExit Email Issues: Continue To Send Mail/ No Closing Date Yet-Team Support


  • Volunteers have been warned NOT to send Multiple mails
  • Send one mail to either og the following and wait: [email protected]    or  [email protected]  or   [email protected]
  •  No volunteer has been dropped, all will be attended to within a limited time frame
  • Volunteers corporation will be needed as

The support team will soon launch series of help line to call affected volunteers one-on-one so as to resolve email related problem, volunteers are to remove DND on their registered phone number, if it is activated ( Formal Announcement will be made regarding this)

A visit to the Nexit support site shows, adequate preparation to commence the Nexit CBN loan programme within the first quarter of 2021, so there is a time gap to cover, if all volunteers were to benefit

See NExit Email Activation Is Done In Batches: Contact [email protected]


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