Nexit CBN Loan & 5 Months Stipend: Gobir Raises Hope In New Update

Nexit CBN Loan & 5 Months Stipend: Gobir Raises Hope In New Update: The Npower national President, Gobir has called on collective response to the action of the Humanitarian minister regarding the 5 months stipend backlog owed to volunteers last year

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The Humanitarian minister in person of Hon. Minister Sadiya Umar Farouq, claims she is not owing anyone a dime, and that the Federal Government has paid all volunteers their wages due them, a move that triggered wide response from affected volunteers

Gobir call for restrains in the matter and urge for calm, as the situation is under control

In his yesterday updates, the National president of the Npower, Mallam Gobir, begged the Federal Government to pay all affected volunteers their stipends

Gobir Precise words on the  Nexit CBN Loan & 5 Months Stipend


“Peace be upon you. Npowered good day. A brief description of Backlogs and Exit Sub-Loan.

“The world has proved that Hon. Minister Sadiya Umar Farouq has said that there is no right for those who have completed the Npower program that follows the federal government to pay everyone his rights which is not true, all Npower people have confirmed this.

“Honourable Honorable. The minister said that it and Accountant General Federal have done a job of identifying those who sent bank statements, at least 8900 people sent messages will be paid.

“The money has been withdrawn but Minister Sadiya has received many calls from the society on these backlogs finally witnessed that she paid but they have withdrawn her money from the accountant general but the violence is in between them Especially when this news comes out of the mouth of the Minister trying to blame Accountant general for that is how the permanent secretary was replaced in the Ministry especially when the Covid-19 commercial money is given to every state.

“At least these money has been withdrawn from Beneficiaries account, original NOA in every state reduced the number of backlogs from 14000 or 80,000 only because some Beneficiaries didn’t export the number of entry.

“Accounting is not for Stipend every month even if they don’t work in other private sector and Government Agencies. This gave NOA a hard time to verify before sending Hon. The minister of the ministry.

“Of course NOA of every state or local government have hurt some of them with backlogs by shorting them to 8900 only. So backlogs are here between Hon. Minister and Accountant General Federal.

“Although some say money was handled for NOA but until complete this statement there is no certainty. We hope they will pay everyone like Npowered and take action or pray bad and curse on those who are left behind and fall into the world.

“Maganar Exit Sub-Loan. Whoever tells you this support will not be given or not is not the truth. Due to NYIF, Covid-19, Nexit-Sub-Loan and other Federal Government’s loan is the only difference between Nexit Npower Beneficiaries, they are the only ones who loans them.

“If Covid-19 Approve messages or NYIF training messages are given to connect with Nexit by Allah’s will because they are still not released because some are advising everyone 500,000 Go and do business, some say they are not enough, but they will be given by God’s grace.”


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