N-power: Mariam Uwais Redeployed – No Longer Head NSIP, Sour Days Ahead

Special adviser to the president on National Social Investment Programme, Mr Mariam Uwais has been moved to the Office of the presidency. Apparently, the reason for the transfer could not be ascertained at the moment.

The National Social Investment Program is a Social Welfare Initiative crested by the Government of President Muhammadu Buhari in 2015.

Mrs Uwais was selected by the President to head a very complex and critical program, which includes N-Power, GEEP (Government Enterprise and Empowerment Program), HGSF (Home Grown Feeding Program) and Conditional Cash Transfer Program (CCT)

Anomalous source revealed that, the First lady, Mrs Aisha Buhari, has one time indicted and accused the management of the program of failure in the Northern part of the country.  

As one of the key actors and pioneers of the National Social Intervention, Mr. Uwais has maintained a level playing ground for all segments of the NSIP.  This is coming at a time, when Batch A volunteers are yenning for good news with regard to the future in the program.

Mrs. Uwasi in her correct words made known her redeployment to the N-SIP and the entire well-wishers: “Good evening all. Just to inform you that I have been redeployed to the Presidency but your programs will continue to run under the Ministry of Humanitarian Affairs.

Wish you the very best, as I look forward to a fresh mandate! Please remain watchful and protect the beneficiaries, as they are the reason for the programs! Shall exit from this platform now, thanks”


With this new development Mrs. Uwais no longer has charge of the program. No longer can she make any decision concerning the program

Will her removal affect the exit of Batch A?

This is a million dollar question, as one of the persons behind the success of this program; her absence no doubt may greatly affect the decision making process of the program, especially, the N-power segment.

Uwais is a team player and a game changer, she was the one behind the Device given to batch A. She is one of the persons that suggested in the continued payment of stipends to Batch A, even after the agreed two years tenure.

Volunteers may not see the immediate effect, but certainly, things, may not go as they were initially. Brace up for tougher times, disengagement or exit plan may turn our sour.     



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