N-power: We Released Fund for N-power Long Ago- ZAINAB HAMED

We Released Fund for N-power Long Ago-Min. of Finance ZAINAB HAMED Revealed

  • N-power: we released fund for n-power long ago-min. of finance zainab hamed revealed
  • Delay in payment will be put to rest soon-Situation Room Assured
  • The Minister oflabour and Employment, Mr Chris Ngige- N-power to be reformed
  • Lawal yahaya gumau speaks on npower permanency bill

N-power: It is now 12th of the new month, beneficiaries of the n-power program are yet to get their peanut known as stipends, the matter grew worse as beneficiaries keep asking and demanding for answers as to what is keeping the stipends from being paid

In a in interview with HAJIA ZAINAB HAMED, the honorable Minister of Finance, on NTA Tuesday Live, she made it clear that all the funds needed to pay all the beneficiaries of the Npower Program and the NSIP as a whole has been released to the Ministry of Humanitarian Affairs, Disaster Management and Social Development headed by Hajiya Sadiya Umar Farouq

The Finance Minister ZAINAB HAMED, in her right and precise words, disclosed that “we have released fund for n-power long before now, and the fund is with the Ministry of Humanitarian Affairs, Disaster Management and Social Development, it is left for the minister in charge to make payment as at when due”.

NTA Tuesday Live Broadcast

The honorable Minister of Finance, on NTA Tuesday Live also talked about the exit package. She said they are thinking of giving out small loan to the batch they are exiting, she never mentioned permanency. Making the situation complex to understand

In her correct words, the Finance Minister ZAINAB HAMED said, “the 1st batch of N-power is still on the program for the fourth year.
They will move to another job to engage another batch.

We have trained them as teacher, agric extension agent, & health extension workers.
We are planning for them not to return to labor market.
Even looking on how to give out loan to them through GEEP”


In another related development, the budget of the ministry of Humanitarian Affairs, Disaster Management and Social Development was reduced in the 2020 budget, Sadiya Umar in an interview with Daily trust revealed: 

“She is sure it has to do with what government has in its kitty. And we as a ministry are looking at other options for other stakeholders to key in and support the government.  The government cannot do it alone, we are looking up to other well-meaning Nigerians/philanthropist and organisations to key in to help solve our humanitarian issues”.

Meaning the fund realised by Government through the Ministry of Finance is not enough to meet its target, will this affect payment of stipends?  


Beneficiaries Reaction to this Statement

Many beneficiaries are reacting to this statement, some question the integrity of the Minister of Humanitarian Affairs, Disaster Management and Social Development, Hajiya Sadiya Umar Farouq

Meanwhile, within the month of January and February, we saw different opinions and view of the situation on payment, and two government functionaries talking about N-power

N-power: Delay in payment will be put to rest soon-Situation Room Assured

The delay in payment of stipends to npower beneficiaries seems to be a recurring event; the government has defaulted in payment date,  in recent time, payment were made 20 days into the new months-A sad situation considered unhealthy for a government sponsored programme that is captured in the 2020 fiscal spending plan (Budget)

Apparently, many beneficiaries are unable to give their very best due to poor financial moral.  Some may have even stopped attending their Place of Primary Assignment (PPA)

But the Npower Situation In the nation’s capital and the Headquarter of the programme has cleared the air.

The situation is housing many staff and even key components of the program, like mr Afolabi and others. In a latest response to a question posed by a beneficiary on Npower official facebook page concerning the delay in stipends.

It was made clearly that, the issue of delay in payment will be put to rest soon; the matter will soon be a story of the past. Knowing fully well that, Npower spending was captured in the 2020 budget of the Federal republic beneficiaries no not to panic.

All beneficiaries are to remain calm and positive as the matter is tabled for discussion by officials to the authority concerned. This delay will not repeat its self- Situation Room Assured

In a Related Development- A futuristic exit Amidst Options Await Batch A

In a mind blowing interview with Daily trust newspaper, one of the leading national dailies in Nigeria, The Minister of Humanitarian Affairs, Disaster Management and Social Development, Hajiya Sadiya Umar Farouq disclosed what next for Batch A.

The minister was quite promising and optimistic of batch A exiting the programme with much hope, by hope we meant, not left in the ditch as a street mulls.

She went on to say, there is no need for batch A to panic, remain in you PPA while you earn and save, we are much on course to deliver a futuristic exit package for all before the year run out.

In her correct and precise words with Daily trust, the minister said “we are looking at all options for the planned exit. We are not just going to exit them and leave them to their fate, we have options, and we are exploring these options. A futuristic exit so that they can have something to fall back on, the year has just started; we hope that before the end of the year, we should come up with an exit plan for them”

Reaction to Statement of the Minister by Volunteers

Many volunteers have expressed fear and worries about the exit plan:

Till now, the NSIP have not concluded the much promised glorious exit package, when will they address the issue? An online source lamented.

Adam Sule (Name Changed): they have been looking for option. This people should stop fooling around. We understand that there are no jobs in the country and they got no ideal on how to create jobs for the youths. The only job space is for their children abroad who will soon be graduates. But they can still do something if they are not selfish without touching the treasury account.

They can give startup money like 500-1m from those billions they’ve claimed they recovered. Am very sure, 60% of the volunteers will make very good use of the money. Trust me. Some of them might even create employment to some youths again. So, they should do the needful and stop looking for option that is not hidden under a rock.

Meanwhile, the minister’s statement came at a time, whenThe Ministerof labour and Employment, Mr Chris Ngige and Senator lawal yahaya gumau, Chairman, Senate Committee on Social Investments and Poverty Alleviation made separate statement on the next plan of the government on the program

The Minister of labour and Employment, Mr Chris Ngige- N-power to be reformed

Last week, we saw the minister of labour and employment, Mr Chris Ngige, disclosing the intention of the federal government to reform the N-power programme for a robust outcome.

Mr Ngige while interacting with some beneficiaries in Tetralog Nigeria Limited and ANAMCO Motor Assembly plant, in Enugu state of Nigeria, made this statement, see https://myeduproject.com.ng/n-power-drop-your-signatures-in-full-support-as-n-power-permanency-bill-goes-to-another-reading

According to AIT news, Ngige, a minister of the federal republic, on a trip to Enugu state Nigeria. Assured N-power Beneficiaries, who are been trained in auto mobile repairs and maintenance

Ngige in his correct words “says the N-Power programme of the Federal Government will undergo various reformations to actualize its set objective.” This statement is coming at the pick of Batch A disengagement plan, also known as glorious exist


In a related development, Senator representing Bauchi south senatorial districts lawal yahaya gumau speaks on npower permanency bill, he is proposing for the adoption and creation of agency for National Social Investment Programme (NSIP).

Being the chairperson, Senate Committee on Social Investments and Poverty Alleviation, he suggested the absorption of all npower beneficiaries, in all categories into the civil service to curb the rising unemployment crisis in the country.

As the Chairman, Senate Committee on Social Investments and Poverty Alleviation, senator Lawal Yahaya Gumau wants Nigerian Youths to be productive and engaged. See


To tide in the problems of national insecurity, the country must empower her youths.  This must come from the Federal Government; the country must rise up to her responsibility and put an end to youth restiveness- Lamented by a senator.

Any nation who fails to explore and empower her youths, is setting on a time bomb. The federal government must show sincere courage and will, to massively invest in her youths. Anything short of this, will spell doom for the nation

The motion was seconded and supported by more than half of the 9th senate. If this motion scales through, it will see many youths, from all works of life engaged.

Actively empowered not just to provide food for themselves, but to empower others, thus curbing unemployment at a long run


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