N-power November 12th Protest: See How to Channel Your Advice/Observations

See Npower November Protest: Drop Your Signature in Support Using the #tag

N-power November 12th Protest: See How to Channel Your Advice/Observations: The protest has been scheduled to take place as planned; all the states executives are coordinating volunteers to storm Abuja come 12 of November 2020

However, volunteers are adviced to share their observations and advice on how best the plan can go and strategiest to achieve these plans

Also see N-power November 12th Protest: Volunteers Have Sort Police Permission

This protest might be the “last traw to break the karmel’s back”, States executives and representatives are not giving any chance to set backs, as plans and more plans to effectively deliver our message to the Federal Government in a peaceful manner is ongoing

It is important exited volunteers give their quality and robost ideas and observation/advice to achieve volunteers’ absorption into Ministires, Departments and Agencies of the Federal Government

You can Channel your Thoughts, Observations, Advice and Recommendations using our comment sections by tagging any of the states executives or representatives below


See Names of some States Executives/Representatives

Comrade Joseph Enan Comrade Austin Nsikak Comrade Isaiac Comrade Austin Nsikak Comrade Godstime Abanum Comrade Jude Comrade Eleyinla Comrade Oluwafemi Comrade Chygoz Comrade Austin Comrade Godstime Abanum


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