N-power Kwara Protest: Volunteers on TVC & Channel news Counter Junaid oluwaseun (video)

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N-power Kwara Protest: Volunteers on TVC & Channel news Counter Junaid oluwaseun (video): On Thursday, 9th July 2020, Npower Volunteers form Kogi and Kwara States, North Central Nigeria, went on a peaceful protest in a quest for permanency

The Federal Government Had Disengaged Batch A and B, a move condemned by all existing and potential volunteers

The Kwara State protest took a dynamic approach as volunteers were hosted on TVC and CHANNELS tv news

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Kwara Volunteers expressed dissatisfaction and disdain over unlawful disengagement of batch A and B from the Programme without package or exit plan



Kogi State Protest

Kwara State Protest

There are plan by Lawmakers to will into the matter by passing a bill that will see volunteers retained in their PPA

The Lawmakers are reluctant to proposed that Bill that will clearly state the permanency status of Batch A and B.


A bill, spearheaded by Bauchi South Senatorial district and a Rep from Lagos state, Senator Lawal Yahaya Gumau and Wole Diya, has been swept under the carpet, for reasons unknown

The lawmakers are no longer in touch with volunteers as disengagement plan continues to gain ground

Batch A and B volunteers received a text message from a concern NASS staff as regard to the Permanency Bill. According to him, even if the bill gets discussed, it will not see the light of the days as the presidency has given a “no going back in regard to disengagement”

Kogi State Npower volunteers made a strong and decisive move, to bring the attention of the Federal Government  to all volunteers

It will be the most defining moment in the lives of all npower volunteers in the weeks ahead


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