N-power Gives Answers to Questions and Doubts to Batch A/B/C1&2 (Pics)         

The Npower situation room took her time to answer all relevant questions batch A/B/C1 and 2 asked. Questions relating to batch C physical verification were answered swiftly

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Questions on the inability of beneficiaries to download their PPA was due to glitches in traffic, as the process will soon resume

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If you have not gotten a message congratulating you as a batch C1 beneficiary, then you did not make the first stream of batch C

NYSC officials are the people to conduct physical verification and not focal point officers or state NSIP

Batch C1 beneficiaires are not to submit their credentials but to verify them


No money should be given to any officials on an account to be verified

Batch A and B are to wait for the outcome of the effort being arranged by the Federal government

The Humanitarian Minister has rekindled the hope of over 300,000 batch A and B enrollee into the much-awaited CBN programme

All Batch A and B volunteers that have registered are to remain patient and wait for the Humanitarian ministry for the next call to action, Umar Farouq has consistently begged for perseverance on the CBN loan package


 “Despite this, the exited beneficiaries are advised to exercise more patience and await the result of the efforts being made by the Honorable Minister who is currently engaging various MDAs including the CBN and the Federal Ministry of Agriculture and Rural Development to ensure that the eligible exited beneficiaries are transited to government progammes or even employment where available”

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