N-power Exit: A Wiser Beneficiary Would have prepared Long Ago

N-power Exit: A Wiser Beneficiary Would have prepared Long Ago: Just like the Sure-P programme, the N-power programme is a political programme, not backed by law to stand the test of time.

Many beneficiaries did not see this coming, the sudden exit of both A and B has dealt a huge blow in the face of all the nearly 500,000 youths under this political scheme

A wiser beneficiary Would have prepared for Exit Long Ago, invest in small businesses with the $77 dollar stipend monthly for 40 and 24 months of both batch A and B respectively

While many of beneficiaries went on a spending spree, few saw the need to invest in small ventures whose return will be felt for a long time

Apparently, some beneficiaries got married and are now with families and kids from the menial $77 monthly stipends- a disturbing trend that might trigger suicide

Beneficiaries with “sense intact” would have saved those money and after being disengaged, set up business,

Using N-power stipends to start up family without earning external source of income, is such an unreasonable plan- Anonymous source


“Though nobody can save from N30k monthly. Beneficiaries go to work, eat, and feed themselves.

The government should have given the money in bulk and tell the beneficiaries to use it to set up businesses.

Do you know that if you don’t go to work, they’ll quickly put you on hold for a month, after which if your reply to their query doesn’t convince them enough, they’ll sack you.

Those that started business connived with them, or probably they had businesses before they got N-Power, and they also gave them some money every month, to avoid being sacked.


Some used theirs to complete master’s and PhD programmes. Don’t you know that N30K is N1000 every day? If given in bulk is a huge amount of money, but if given as a stipend of N30K, it is not savable”- A nairalander Laments

Reactions from Volunteers and Nigerians over Disengagement of Batch A and B

For those of you hailing this woman that she has done well by following the initial agreement let us not forget the following:

1. Laolu Akande who remains the spokesman for the Npower program categorically told the beneficiaries in a live chat that they will be made permanent staffs if they reelection Buhari into office. A lot of the beneficiaries fell for this scam.

2. What is the fate of those who have already started a family based on earnings from NPOWER? I know couples who are both Npower beneficiaries.

3. Why exit beneficiaries without clearly stating out what the transitioning package would be? I guess the promise of transitioning is just another scam, a political strategy to maintain calm and order. As for me, stipends ought not to stop until Farouk is sure of what is coming up for the disengaged beneficiaries

4. In Nigeria today, it is almost impossible for beneficiaries to save something substantial to start a living out of 30k monthly stipend. Again, in my own opinion, part of the money, say 5k, should have been deducted monthly and be given to beneficiaries at the end of program.

5. How do you think that someone who has earned 30k monthly for 2 years would readjust back to earning nothing? Perhaps by resulting to crimes to maintain standard of living? – A Nairalander Analysis

Batch A and B should still be placed on the monthly stipend till the so-called transitioning comes to fruition, and this should not stop recruitment of batch c. There is money in this country- An Ex-beneficiary begged

“Must they go before the government will recruits another set. Look at the militant earning 60k for nothing, and you guys are here rejoicing over the sack of your fellow poor Nigerians

I weep for my nation! They were promise permanency if they vote the government of the day which they did and what exactly do you mean by wiser with 30k, except you are referring to those who do not go to their PPA. The minister should equally leave for another minister to come in”- Ex-volunteer

Reactions from Volunteers and Nigerians over Disengagement of Batch A and B

“The Buhari government try on this. At least I give him 6points out of ten. The selection of batch A beneficiaries was the first time I experienced fairness in Nigeria. Many of the beneficiary got it without struggle.

If previous government have been doing such, Nigeria would have been a better place. At least I know someone who set up a good business with npower stipend, some people used the stipend to cater for themselves and later got good job.

For the beneficiary that are protesting, your action is unnecessary because the federal government said it right from the onset that the program is not a permanent employment” from an ex-volunteer

They must not go because it is the duty of the government to make job avaliable for it teeming youths. Where do you want 500000 youths to go to now when there is no employment anywhere?

Do you see how the government is pampering the repentant bokoharam? Common my brother, the truth remains that our leaders feel crumbs is what the poor citizens deserves while they keep the good jobs for themselves.

I know of a certain, that relieving the volunteers now is not the best. Did you read how much they recovered from stamp duty charges for 5 months? It is a whopping 66 billion naira and you are saying they cannot retain or at least provide some money for these youths to start up something- A Nigerian



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