By Samuel Allen Zenke

Lessel, Ushongo, Benue State


The story of Mama Hediana Kwaghhemba Hule Ingyanor who was committed to mother earth yesterday, 22nd August 2020 at Tse Hule, Ingyanor, Mbawar, Mbagba-Ukan, Ushongo Local Government Area of Benue State is one of greatest ever told. More than a thousand of sympathisers defied the challenges and restrictions of the lockdown and made the journey to Ushongo to bid farewell to Mama Hediana, “a kind and warm heart, loving and caring mother who had a generous heart of gold. A good wife, a care-giver, a community developer and a committed Christian”.

A few days ago, I paid my mummy, Hon. (Chief) Mrs. Kate Nguzan Nomhwange a condolence visit, we spoke and in her kind nature, she told me that Mama gave her life, nurtured her, loved her unconditionally. At Ushongo, I realized that Mama Hediana showered the same love to everyone around her and not just her children.

Ter Ushongo the 3rd, HRH Augustine Kwaghtser Kuma said during the Requiem Mass at Stephen’s Lessel that no one has the right words that would correctly describe Mama Hediana sterling qualities, not even those armed with western education. The Ter Ushongo said that the only words that defines Mama Hediana without any contradiction(s) is “extraordinary and amazing mother, wife, sister, friend and a committed Christian”

The Parish Priest of St. Stephen’s described Mama as a virtuous woman who dedicated all her lifetime to serving God and humanity. Padre said that he can take the whole day to talk about Mama Hediana yet, he wouldn’t be able to tell all the love, care and resources she gave to humanity; how dedicated Mama was to caring for her children and others around her; the hope and succour God gave to the childless through her; the food she gave to the hungrier; and the home she gave to the homeless.


Tyoor Mbagba, HRH Tyohile Gregory Gateh said that Mama and her husband, Pa Andrew Hule Ingyanor of blessed memories sponsored education for those who could ill afford it and mediated between warring couples. Tyoor Gateh said that both Mama and her husband were a bundle of inspiration to all around them. Their kind souls, wise counsels and outstretched hands cannot be quantified. That this great parent’s home was open to everyone and their hospitality made everyone feel special.

A hundreds of other sympathisers said that what they would miss most about Mama Hediana is her generous smile, her sincere advice and kind words that soothe all troubled souls; and her profound belief that God in heaven watches over our actions. They also described Mama Hediana Kwaghhemba Hule Ingyanor as the most precious and most beautiful woman they ever met in their lives. They said that Mama Hediana did not just preached peace and the love of God, she lived it throughout out her last breath.

Mama was great teacher, she taught all her children and those around her how to fight, be themselves and stand on their own. Together with her husband, Pa Andrew Hule, they taught what love truly is and the beauty of forgiveness.

Mama’s parting has left a deep hole in the hearts of her children, family, friends and those who depended on her for their daily living, but we will all fill it with memories of joy, laughter, friendship that we all shared with her.


It is normal to be saddened by her death, but at 93, it is safe to say Mama Hediana Kwaghhemba Hule Ingyanor lived gloriously and her death should rather be celebrated as she had earlier caution.

May heaven receive this virtuous, humble, compassionate, and understanding family-oriented woman, wife, and mother with an indescribable inner strength.

Adieu Mama Hediana Kwaghhemba Hule Ingyanor!



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