Low Sperm Count: Risk Factors to Avoid:

A rampant unnoticed health condition,  slow and steady, one becomes infertile, unable to father a child, many healthy males found themselves in this situation

Low sperm count has cost many marriages an unhappy moment; a man that cannot father a child is not complete according to some custom. The end result is adopting babies. This might not be the dream of most couples

In a world, where little is known about low sperm count, and its preventive measures, many are still at risk of having low sperm count. Perhaps, no viable physical symptoms, one see, to detects it.

Young and vibrant minds fail to realize their vulnerability of having a low sperm count. Low awareness is eating deep in to the society, unfortunately, risk factors remain high. With no sign of getting rid-off any time soon.  And the rate of infertility is on the rise

Nonetheless, the Federal Ministry of Health, Non-Governmental Organizations and Private sectors are contributing their quota to rid out, this scourge.

Some Risk factors for low sperm count

Expertise in medical science warned, the possibility of having low sperm count is associated with many risk factors. They include:

  • Aging: For sure, we all will age, but when one starts growing old, from 40 years on, there need to be constant medical check-up. Some habits and lifestyle need to go. Our body reacts too weak when aged.  At the age of 40 and above, a man starts having medical complications, if care is not missing, the ability to produce sperm enough to reach the ovary become a challenge. Since time is of the essence, it is good to raise kids at a tender age. Preferably form 25 to 35 or 40 years.
  • Excess Tobacco Smoking: It is warned, smokers are liable to die at an early age in life, and smoking is another way of developing low sperm count. According to experts, tobacco contains harmful substance capable of dwindling your sperm at a fast rate. The World Health Organization at a time put a limit to the use of tobacco. Also Readhttps://myeduproject.com.ng/see-why-you-must-exercise-your-you-body-twelve-12-amazing-health-benefits
  • Excessive Use of Alcohol and Illicit Drugs: while excessive use of alcohol    might be bad, consumption should be moderate. Some Alcohol contains undefined preservatives, chemicals and harmful pathogens. This may kill or destroy your sperm reservoir. Illicit drugs like heroin, cocaine and other narcotics are very harmful, not only to your sperm, but your precious organs.

More Risk factors for low sperm count

  • Overweight or Underweight. An overweight can be a leading cause of death, in most situations, it damages the reproductive organs. Excessive fat in lower part of the abdomen might block some arteries, suppresses reproductive organs or render them weak. Similarly, underweight possess threats to low sperm count.
    Excessive Heating the Testicles: Testicle house the sperm, heating the testicle could result to damage or unhealthy sperms. Electronic gadget like the Laptops is not to be on the lap. It generates heat, these heat increase the temperature of the testicles.
    Some Past or Present Infections: Untreated or Undertreated infections like syphilis, gonorrhea and other STI are very deadly. They destroy the some vital reproductive system, and the resultant effect might be low sperm count.  Some infections lead to the destruction of estrogen and progesterone, which produces the sperm.
    Medical conditions like cancer: Cancer growth is like to develop in the male reproductive part, or might grow on the testicles, causing great harm to the sperm. Cancer can put the whole sperm to a halt if treatment fails to start on time.  Undergoing medical treatments, such as surgery or radiation for cancer can also cause low sperm count
  • Using medications for managing high blood pressure, could result to low sperm count, they contain power antigen that may not aid healthy sperm production. That is why one should consult a doctor, before taking medication.

Why you Must Seek Sperm Test

Since there is little to no symptoms, one is expected to visit his doctor for proper medical check-up.  This is paramount because, time is of the essence, you may not know when your sperm is low, make it a duty to run test where necessary. Have enough and healthy sperm to father a child is the dream of all men and family.


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