By Samuel Allen Zenke

Kiddwaya’s Homecoming: Social Media Activist, Comrade Zenke Responds Ortom’s SSA on Politics: “A Tiv man has turn away from God completely. They choose to celebrate nonsense than impactful things. If I may ask, what is the meaning of BBN and it impacts to the society?

Does it educate our society in any positive side? We have a lot of people in the state who have impacted into people’s lives but they can’t be praised like they did to this immorality agent.” – Jirgba Terver, 2020.

Dearest Distinguished Brother and SSA, Hon. Terver Jirgba, the greatest evil against the people of Benue is lying there in the Government House (Benue People’s House) and you’re one of its agents.

It is normal to criticise something, but that should be done with precision.

Below are the answers you sought from your post.

  1. BBN is an ancrony for Big Brother Naija. The BBN provides a platform for emerging brands, companies and businesses to make money as well as provide employment for thousands of Nigerians.

Here is a little breakdown of how BBNaija impacted the country’s economic and business landscape:


a) Show sponsor(s) and affiliate sponsors enjoyed increased visibility, talkability and optimum exposure as millions of viewers across Africa and the world tuned in to watch the show daily.

b) The show provides employment for several indirect employees such as security guards, janitors, carpenters, interior designers, accountants, marketing agencies, tourist agencies, branding & PR agencies among others.

c) Every week while the show lasted, vendors and businesses were contracted to supply necessities such as food and branded wearables to the house and housemates. The BBNaija platform provided a ready market and publicity for many of such entrepreneurs, particularly those in the fashion industry.

These small and medium-sized enterprises’s products received higher degree of patronage, interest from Nigerians and citizens of other African countries, courtesy of the BBNaija effect.


d) The BBNaija show provided revenue and publicity for entertainers, business conglomerates and the government. A number of popular celebs gained from the show in this regard as well. I remember in the first edition, 2face Idibia’s song, “For Instance” received waves and publicity after he presented the song ‘first’ in the BBN House to the housemates.

Last year, 2baba again visited the house during his ’20 Years A King’ anniversary celebration and he also used the opportunity to launch his first merchandize, with the whole of Africa watching. It was the first time ever the Nigerian music icon would be unveiling the Oraimo Neckband In-Ear Bluetooth Headphones.

So many other celebs and brands (both private and public) enjoyed good turn-outs in revenue courtesy of the BBNaija show.

e) The core objective of the show has always been to give upcoming stars, entertainers, creatives and entrepreneurs a platform to showcase themselves to the world. With that achieved, a number of the contestants – like those before them – are expected to go on to set up businesses and scale up already-established brands.

As the businesses of the now ex-housemates grow, they will become employers of skilled & unskilled labour, generate revenue and ultimately contribute to improving the economic landscape of our country Nigeria.

So apart from contributing its quota in reducing Nigeria’s unemployment rate, the BBNaija platform also serves as a foundation for many businesses and brands to spring up and thrive.

  1. Yes! BBNaija is very educative. If only you’re a fan who not only watches the show for the sake of criticising it, you’d found most of the show’s tasks very very educative. I wouldn’t want to spring more grammer here, but all the tasks are very educative. Check for instance, the sports presentation Ozo and Laycon did, the Waw Task Kidd, Ozo, Prince and Laycon Won, the Drama presentation, Oppo Task won by Kidd and Dora, the Cooking Tasks, Drama Tasks, the Arena Games, the weekly wagers etc.

On why we’re celebrating Kiddway

Arongance is an associate name for every rich kid, Kiddwaya is different. His humility and maturity are the reasons why we all are celebrating him. Kiddwaya is the only thing at present majority of the Benue Youths are not divided with.

The government can leverage on his success and personality and turn things around for the youths. We used to have the Governor’s Cup, Benue Cultural Festivals, Inter-Schools and Inter-Local Government School-Sport’s competitions, Mr&Miss Benue, the Benue Football League etc that used to keep our youths busy and in harmony.

We however, still have the KSS, FFF, The Search by Kasejene, the Momiwater festivals, Face of Idoma etc begging for funding and security support, the government should do the needful for the above.

About Kidd again, 95 percent of us celebrating Kiddwaya do not even have prior relationship with him before the BBN Lockdown Series. Infact, many of us saw him for the first time on Friday, a day before yesterday.

Kiddwaya presents hope for the average Nigerian Youth. That’s no denying, the waves of love and support he received should answer you if you have any doubt. He indeed, represented Benue well in the house. He’s an epitome of hope, unity and excellence.

He’s the President of WDG.

Addendum: Benue was dedicated to God in 2015. In 2019, she was re-dedicated to God again. The Tor Tiv Palace now possess an edifying worship centre, so, I beg to disagree with you that “the Tiv man has turn away from God completely.”

Samuel Allen Zenke is a citizen of the WDG Republic


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