Joel Osteen of Lakewood Church Prophetic Declaration 2022/2023
Joel Osteen of Lakewood Church Prophetic Declaration 2022/2023

Joel Osteen of Lakewood Church Prophectic Declaration 2022/2023

The General Over and President of the Lakewood Church, Pastor Joel Osteen, has released the prophetic words and sermon to Americans and the entire world,

Joel Osteen is the pastor to one of America’s Megachurches, with over 8M congregation has declared 2022 as the year of Courage and Standing firm in the midst of adversaries and confrontation

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The talented oratory pastors gave hope and courage to all Americans in the face of impending  economic and political challenges

“When you’ve done your best to get well but it’s not changing, when you’ve treated people with kindness who aren’t being kind to you when you’ve worked hard but the promotion fell through, what do you do? Get discouraged, think it’s not going to happen, and give up? No, just stand firm.

“To be standing is to be trusting God, knowing that He’s in control. When you’re standing, you’re not frustrated by what’s not happening.

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“You’re not complaining about how long it’s taking. You’re not moved by what the medical report says or by how your child is acting. You’re at rest and in peace. You know that what God started, He’s going to finish.

“God is looking for stubborn faith. You keep believing, keep thanking God, and keep being your best. Giving up is not an option; quitting is not in your mindset. You know that what God promised you is on the way.

“No matter what comes against you and isn’t changing, just keep standing until you see what God promised to come to pass.

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“Father, thank You that You have provided me with Your armor to be able to withstand the difficult times. “Thank You that You only ask me to take my stand, trusting in You through it all. I want my faith to be stubborn and never allow giving up to be an option. In Jesus’ Name, Amen.”


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