Internet Users In Africa: Nigeria, Egypt, Kenya Top List

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Internet Users In Africa: Nigeria, Egypt, Kenya Top List: Many of the web traffics generated in Africa emanates from mostly Nigeria, Egypt, Kenya, and Few others. Nigeria with over 200 Million persons produces a large chunk of internet users in Africa. Making it investors first destination regarding ICT

Nigeria supposes to be a growing economy, especially in the ICT world.

From the analysis, 74% of the internet users consist of smartphone users, that’s to say smartphone business is a booming business in Nigeria. Almost every individual uses a browsing phone. Then 24% uses PC, I think it’s mostly offices & few individuals.


If not for stupid EFCC that are chasing students & workers using Laptops about, almost every individuals irrespective of status should have own a Laptop by now in this country.

But because of high government taxes & politics, Insecurities, power, nepotism, Monopoly, etc. That is what is driving big companies to invest in Nigeria. Nigeria has the striving economy, raw materials, population & the Market for company strive

“The majority of web traffic in leading digital markets in Africa originated from mobile devices -in Nigeria, one of the countries with the biggest number of internet users worldwide, 74 percent of web traffic was generated via smartphones and roughly 24 percent via PC devices”



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