How To Recover Your Money After Being Scammed Online- See Guide
How To Recover Your Money After Being Scammed Online- See Guide

How To Recover Your Money After Being Scammed Online: Complete Guide

Online scam is now rampant, many innocent folks easily fall for these online scammers, due to tactics employed by Scammers.

Online Scam is a global issue, it is more common in Nigeria due to the high rate of joblessness and poverty, there are no specific numbers of scammers in the country, but we know, their activities are now visible online, mostly on social and digital media

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Sometimes victims greed could lead to being scammed online, this post will give a complete guide on how to recover your hard-earned money after being scammed online

Complete Guide on How To Recover Your Money After Being Scammed Online

One of the very important things to do while transacting money with first-timers or strangers is to take a screenshot of the conversations you had with the online merchant on any social media platform

When you make a transfer to the scammer, get the name and account number of the scammer (go to the transaction history or alert and copy out the transaction ID number of that transaction)

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Send the details through email to your bank’s E-fraud team. The email should contain the


the transaction ID number,


the full name of the scammer and

 his/her bank.

Forward the same mail to the CBN fraud desk through [email protected].

This will help the bank to place the scammer’s account on hold.

The scammer will be trapped and the account involved will be placed on hold, the scammer won’t be able to access the account.

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If the scammer visits his bank, he/she will be placed on hold and referred to the accident. The scammer will be asked questions about a fraudulent transaction, then you would be contacted by the bank

That is the time to Go to the police, report the incident and with a lawyer, the bank will facilitate and return your money back


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