How To Fix Wrong DOB Issues On NIN ID Before N-Power Physical Verification

How To Fix Wrong DOB Issues On NIN ID Before N-Power Physical Verification: The Npower Physical Verification is sooner than anyone thinks, and the exercise will screen over 50,000 successful applicants

One striking means Npower will use to kick 50,000 successful applicants out of the program, is the wrong date of birth (DOB) issues on national ID prior to n-power physical verification

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According to ezenwaez ( an expect on Npower Issues)  “This issue can be fixed by presenting another means of identification, either the biodata page of an international passport, voters card, or an N-Power Batch C applicant can quickly do a cheap drivers license at any of the local government before the N-Power physical verification commences”

Make any of the documents available before the commencement of the n-power physical verification



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